Man arms convenience store with his daughter

Man arms convenience store with his daughter

This is a discussion on Man arms convenience store with his daughter within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I'm not sure this is entirely on topic for the forum, but it is interesting. The nine year old daughter of the man who robbed ...

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Thread: Man arms convenience store with his daughter

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    Man arms convenience store with his daughter

    I'm not sure this is entirely on topic for the forum, but it is interesting.

    The nine year old daughter of the man who robbed an Ellensburg store was found safe today in California but her dad, who took the girl along for robbery, got away.

    Police are still looking for 42-year old Robert Daniel Webb who led them on a high speed chase. Webb was identified as the suspect who robbed an AM-PM convenience store off I-90 near Ellensburg with his daughter in tow.

    The father of a Humboldt County Sheriff's Deputy, who apparently knew Webb from his past, was asked to watch the girl last night while the father ran some errands. Later in the evening he learned that Webb was being sought by the local police in the town of Fortuna, California for drunk driving and possibly a robbery in Washington. The man checked around with the Fortuna Police Department and figured out that the young girl and her father were the same as those from the robbery.

    Q13 Fox News caught up with the girl's mother at her apartment in Everett. She says she is happy her daughter was found safe but she is still concerned that her husband is on the run from police.

    The Kittitas County Sheriff's Office released these pictures taken from the surveillance cameras from the robbery. The little girl is clearly seen by the gunman's side, wearing a pink jacket and standing about a half step behind him.

    She was apparently along for the ride -- and the robbery -- at about 2:45 am Tuesday.

    The suspect, believed to be Webb, is seen pointing a large handgun at the store clerk, with the young girl by his side.

    Police say he walked up to the counter and demanded money from the register. The clerk complied and the suspect and before he left the man says; "I'm out of work. My daughter's got to survive."

    The man and the child left in a light-colored, four door passenger car.

    Webb is 6'2", 245 lbs with brown eyes and brown hair.

    He may be driving a 2008 Silver Toyota Corolla, with license plate 602-XQG.

    Kittitas County Under Sheriff Clayton Myers calls Webb's actions the height of parental irresponsibility. "Committing an armed robbery with your child at your side... You never know how someone is going to react when you pull a gun in a public place like that, so we're viewing this as a child endangerment, extreme risk to the child."

    If you think you might know where Webb is call the Kittitas County Sheriff's Office at (509) 925-8534.
    Armed Robbery: Daughter of Suspect Found Safe

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    Pretty bold, pretty stupid...this guy is a shooting waiting to happen!

    His daughter WITH him, what was he thinking?

    He should be taking a very long vacation.
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    I know of a case here where the guy went home to pick up his gun, and told his son to come along.... so he could see how to handle things when someone was messing with you ..... then drove back to a bar, stopped his car beside 4 people standing there, got out and started shooting them. He killed 3 of them.

    That was his lesson for his son. His 'son' , was later in life arrested for attempted murder, kidnapping, armed robbery, and a host of other things.

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    You must remember Stupid people breed!!!
    "Without fear there can be no Courage!"

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    Maybe it was calculated? With the daughter there, there might be less chance of the clerk or bystanders shooting back. Not condoning it, just trying to understand the mental process.

    Plus he probably would have been charged with child endangerment had he left her in the car alone! Oh, the irony.

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    Lowest Common Denominator type stuff.

    Yes, stupid people breed.

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    You are never too young to be introduced to the family business.

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    Very very sad business. I saw interviews of the store clerk and I thought he actually showed considerable sympathy for the guy, without condoning what he had done. Sometimes life just pushes people beyond what they can handle.

    Or, put another way, people are only as ethical as their economics allow.

    (Got that piece of advice from an attorney who was doing a construction contract for me; basically, he was saying the contract was meaningless if you weren't working with a good company. The comment though has meaning beyond that narrow focus. This robber was facing a economic crisis, and probably felt this was the only way to feed his kid. What a pity.)

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