AZ Maricopa County Sheriff's Office speaks out, Mayor Gordon, Shut Up!!

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Thread: AZ Maricopa County Sheriff's Office speaks out, Mayor Gordon, Shut Up!!

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    AZ Maricopa County Sheriff's Office speaks out, Mayor Gordon, Shut Up!! - AZ - Maricopa County Sheriffs Office- Mayor Gordon, You're ignorant! Shut up!

    Reacting to charges of racism and racial profiling. Emotions run high!
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    wow - those guys are pissed! Glad they are taking it out on the mayor in the media. Good thing the Sheriff's aren't having a sort of 'work slowdown'
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    So I guess the Sheriff and the Mayor won't be having any bar-B-Q's together in the near future, eh?

    I wish that more counties jails were run like the Maricopa Sheriff's jail.
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    Glad to see them speak up against the "do gooders" who think they know how to do the job from the safety of their desk. While I may not agree with all I see from LEO's, I also realize there are many things that come into play that I am not aware of. As they said to the mayor, "Shut up" and let them do their jobs.

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    I want to shake their hands and pat them on the back for standing up for themselfs. If more people did this maybe things would start to change.

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    Good for them.
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    Way to go, Sheriff !!!
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    It sounds like the mayor runs his mouth about things that do not concern him. Some one needed to put this politician in his place and the sheriff did a nice job of doing just that.

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    Bless these men and women, for what they have done, and what they do.
    Its a hearty sight to see them finally getting to respond, and have a Sheriff that will back them up.

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    Let me see. The people coming over the border illegally are Hispanic (as am I, Cuban), yet these guys are called racists for stopping Hispanics...well, just who does the Mayor and the activists want them to stop ? The Chinese ? The Canadians ? I'd much prefer that they stop the guys who are actually breaking the laws,in this case, the that's racist is beyond me. It's pretty mixed up when lawbreakers have their own activist groups, supported by the mayor....upside -down town.

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    I don't know.. But I think.. But not quite sure.. that I detected a hint of anger in their tone.. I could be wrong and misunderstood their intention.. BUt I think they were just a little upset.
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    I used to live in Phoenix and Mayor Gordon always struck me as a jackass. I'm just happy to see him put in his place.

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    Pnut, thank you for speaking up. The law enforcement agencies don't care whether it's one-eyed purple people eaters breaking the law... they make stops based on observations of criminal behavior which are based on experience.

    Interesting fact: in the 2007 election, Arizona voted in some citizne-sponsored propositions which targeted illegal aliens. The measures denied publicly-funded scholarships and grants to illegal aliens (horrors!) and instituted serious fines and penalties for employers who knowingly employ illegal aliens; plus a few more. The plurality achieved for most of these ballot initiatives could NOT have been achieved without significant Hispanic support. That tells us that a good number of the Hispanics who are here legally and contributing to society supported those measures.

    Phil Gordon is just pandering for votes.

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