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This is a discussion on Man shoots bounty hunter within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by SYKO When he opened the door, Hinojosa said one of the men stuck a gun inside. That’s when Hinojosa says he fired ...

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Thread: Man shoots bounty hunter

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    Quote Originally Posted by SYKO View Post
    When he opened the door, Hinojosa said one of the men stuck a gun inside. That’s when Hinojosa says he fired two shots, hitting one of the bounty hunters in the stomach.
    Why would anyone open the door at 0330 without positively identifying who was knocking? Perhaps he did and that detail was edited. It's dangerous profession and all the details aren't out. With the information given, I think I would have demanded to know who was at the door and for what purpose - opened fire if the door is unlawfully breached.
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    I can see how this thing could have played out to make everyone happy.

    Bounty hunter knocks on door. Man answers. Bounty hunters say something like "This is such and such bonds, can we ask you a few questions? We're looking for whoever."

    Homeowner would then open the door to speak to the bounty hunters, at which point they point a gun inside expecting to force their way in. Stupid bounty hunter gets himself shot, man is protected by castle doctrine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SYKO View Post
    So what are the rules of engagement for the people bail bond companies hire as bounty hunters?

    11 News legal analyst Gerald Treece said that bounty hunters are sort of a step below law enforcement officers.

    “They have a right to arrest you if there’s a warrant out for you,” he said
    There it is in a nutshell. They are "sort of a step below a LEO". I always believed you were an LEO or you were not a LEO? Can't ANY of us arrest someone that either has a warrant or commits a crime (Citizen's arrest)?

    These clowns (bounty hunters) are true wanna be's. For whatever reason they ARE NOT the police. Next best thing is to be a bounty hunter and can pretend I am a cop.

    Come on what would any of us do in this situation? Even if they identifed themselves "It's Joe's Bailbonds and we have a warrant", at 3:30 in the AM! I would just as soon think a BG could use that line to invade your home. I too would have done the same, but probably only after they kicked in the door. They really need to reassess their career choice and be careful about entering private property at that time of day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SYKO View Post
    I mean, what would you do? You open your door at 3:30 in the morning and you see guns pointed in your face?

    I DON"T open the door at 3:30 in the morning, I would be armed and calling the police. If they force their way in they will be shot- end of story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JungleJim View Post
    I DON"T open the door at 3:30 in the morning...end of story.

    It's weird how many people in this thread _here_ are not getting this nor even thought as much right off the bat.
    Talk of Castle Law and he had a gun pointed at me and what not when right off the bat the very first and foremost _action_ as made by the victim is he opened his door to _strangers_ acting and speaking strangely at Three Thirty AM (!).

    Hello McFly....?!

    There would be no gun pointed at said person to see muchless be in fear of as related to Castle Law whatever....IF the person being in right mind would not and did not open his door to start so as to see the strange persons acting strangely he was communicating with, at 3:30AM.

    Everybody knows, or should know, that normal acting people do not come knocking at your door at such an hour unless you live in Japan or Australia where the time zone is completely different and it would be day time at our 3:30AM.
    Opening the door was right off the bat a terrible idea.

    And the argument of ehh well they could kick it down/open or shoot through it is weak.
    Maybe they could and maybe they would not. Maybe they couldn't, wouldn't, and wont do anything but stand outside and bang & yell until the po-po arrives as you dial 911...and remain inside your home armed behind concealment if not cover with your family corralled.
    And if they do enter then you have a real and tactical advantage as they are ducks to be shot entering a tunnel with no where to go but forward or backward.

    One has to think this stuff out and be sensible.
    For those who argue well I'm not good at thinking in such a way in general or at *.time when awakened or tired then well that is something one might want to think on and review in regard to their own individual mentality and also should then wonder about their having access to firearms as they might could be a ral danger to themself if not others. Keeping and handling of firearms of any sort anywhere does require ability to think rationally and be sensible, and to know the difference between that and acting/being fool hardy. Especially so for those who make the personal choice to carry handguns on their person on the streets. This is a requisite.

    Once more, do not open your door to strange persons who are uninvited and unconfirmed as to their presence and intent toward being there.

    Your door is the last physical barrier between you and the outside even as your home might not be Fort Knox or the White House. This should be a no brainer and street survival sense item, especially for persons amongst us who think ourselves to be survivors by mindset.
    Neither Ayoob nor Clint Smith as two notable civilian home protection & survival instructors would advise anyone to simply open or crack their door to speak with unknown persons eye to eye muchless at this hour. Fedex and UPS do not deliver at those times of the morning. In doing so you are breaching your own layer of security which is a major disservice and direct disadvantage to yourself, and be they on site or not your family & friends too. This is a no brainer and doubly so considering how often and numerous these kinds of criminal events do occur to specifically persons who go answering strange unexpected knocks and other actions at very much unusual hours of the morning or night.
    Same as those oddly thinking people who hold childrens birthday partys and baby showers between the hours of 11P and 5A.

    Do not do this.

    - Janq
    "Killers who are not deterred by laws against murder are not going to be deterred by laws against guns. " - Robert A. Levy

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    If you point a gun in someones face as you try to force your way in you deserve to be shot. Simple enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    I have a porch light and a peep hole in my exterior doors,If I don't know you I'm not opening the door,If you need help then I will call somebody for you,but I'm not opening my door

    If it is someone that wants to kill you,.. Looking through the peep hole gives him a sight to shoot at,.. I wouldn't be looking out the peep hole,.

    I agree that asking who it is before you open it is smart, but I've opened my door in the middle of the night many times, with my 9mm in my right hand behind my leg,. AND ------ my dog's ready for attack allong side of me.,. That would be for low threat,.. High threat's and the 12 ga would be in my hand,.. I have to say his actions was justified,.

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