The Solution to Somali Piracy by Mike Adams

The Solution to Somali Piracy by Mike Adams

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Thread: The Solution to Somali Piracy by Mike Adams

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    The Solution to Somali Piracy by Mike Adams

    Great article from a gun-loving (former) liberal

    Mike Adams : The Solution to Somali Piracy -

    The Solution to Somali Piracy
    by Mike Adams

    The recent rise in Somali piracy confuses me. It confuses me because I cannot imagine entering waters near the coast of Africa without enough firepower to arm a small third-world nation. It confuses me as much as that home security commercial that features a burglar breaking into the home of a married couple. You know the one where the wife gets a call from another man at security headquarters who promises to send someone to help. Meanwhile the husband locks himself in a closet and hopes for the best.

    When that husband eventually comes out of the closet he might as well have his genitals surgically removed. When his wife realizes he can’t defend her against an intruder she probably isn’t going to risk the possibility of procreation. Some genes just weren’t meant to survive.

    I understand the media’s need to produce new heroes in an age of rampant metro-sexuality. I also understand that Captain Phillips’ intentions were good – after all, he was on a charitable mission. But he had no business endangering a crew of twenty by placing them in harms way without sufficient firepower. The image of these men locking themselves in a cabin to avoid the Somali pirates is simply embarrassing.

    There are a couple of rules anyone must follow when venturing into potentially dangerous waters – and by “potentially dangerous waters” I mean anything but a small lake or pond. First, it is a good idea to bring a few friends. Second, it is a good idea to require every adult on board to remain sober and bring a firearm.

    I don’t fish as often as I did in the Texas Gulf Coast in the 1970s. But I do get an occasional invite to go deep sea fishing off the Carolina coast with three good friends. Two of these friends work in a national security capacity for the federal government (please pardon the pseudonyms). So it should go without saying that we have the hardware and skills to defeat a small (or large) band of pirates whenever we venture into the Atlantic Ocean. We don’t have any evidence of piracy off the Carolina coast. But we all subscribe to the belief that it is better to have a gun and not need one than to need a gun and not have one.

    So on most of our ventures we carry the following:

    1. Larry likes to go boating with an M4 tactical shotgun made by Benelli. This is the same tactical shotgun used by the U.S. Marine Corps. It has a truly unique Auto Regulating Gas Operated system with stainless steel, self-cleaning pistons located just ahead of the chamber. This makes for a highly reliable and very quick cycling weapon. The M4 Tactical also comes with a rail for optics and a synthetic pistol-grip style stock. This is really all we need when we go deep sea fishing but why take the risk?

    2. Moe, having a little more limited budget than Larry, likes to carry the Model 1100 tactical shotgun by Remington. This weapon has, for years, been a top choice among law enforcement agencies across the country. The Model 1100 is an extremely dependable weapon. It is chambered for 2 3/4" shells and is available with a 22" barrel with a 9-round magazine capacity.

    3. Curly, prefers to carry a sidearm. His weapon of choice is a Sig Sauer Model 226 chambered in 9mm. Curly carries four loaded 20-round magazines, which means he can fire off 80 rounds before having to reload a magazine. I’ve told him on more than one occasion that if he spends 80 rounds and anyone is left standing he should just jump overboard and give his life to the sharks.

    4. Finally, I carry a BAR chambered in 7mm mag. I play the role of the sniper in the unlikely event that any of the Three Stooges is taken hostage. I am also preparing to purchase a Saiga 12 Russian shotgun with a five-round magazine. I also plan to purchase a 12-round magazine as a backup. I’ve been impressed with You Tube video demonstrations and recommendations from respected friends who say the Saiga is a) reliable, and b) capable of delivering shotgun blasts as fast as I can pull the trigger.

    I understand quite well that there are ports that will not allow entry to boats that are carrying firearms. And I understand that they are in places where we would like to deliver humanitarian aid. But the solution is not to go into these areas unarmed. The solution is to tell the nations in which these ports are located that they must change their laws or forfeit charitable goods coming from our generous Christian nation.
    Mike is never politically correct, but always enjoyable.
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    On a very serious note, that exact same commercial I was asking some friends about two weeks ago toward how they felt as men in relation to depiction of the male character in that commercial. Personally I was appalled.

    Secondly Mike Adams is on point toward his sentiments as related to US waters.
    Piracy off our shores amongst open water is not unheard of in modern times.
    The latest and most famous case being that of Tom and Jackie Hawks as their craft was pirated and they murdered y a crew headed up by former actor Skylar Deleon.

    Skylar and Jennifer Deleon: The Murders of Thomas and Jackie Hawks - Crime Library on
    Tom and Jackie Hawks | Murdered at Sea for their Boat and Bank Accounts

    Tom out alone with no backup is on a boat with three males including one large male equal in size to himself takes these _strangers_ out to sea along with his wife on board so as to give them a demo run of the craft which they had pretended to be interested buyers.
    Overly trusting and overly confident in his physical stature Tom and his wife both grossly underestimated the reality of their strength, capability toward defense, and in the immediate that of their situation.
    They were tossed overboard alive chained to their own boats anchor in to and toward the bottom of the ocean.

    If even either of them had carried a concealed defensive handgun the story would have been very different for all persons at sea that day.

    Any time anywhere anyplace by anyone.

    - Janq
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    what I admit I do not understand is why owners of very large, expensive ships like oil tankers and container ships don't seem to provide ANY security while at sea. If the same companies own factories, warehouses and such I bet those facilities have a few armed guards, so why not your property? So far most companies have simply preferred to pay the ransom (actually paid by their insurance, so their premium goes up as the only expense) rather than keep armed guards on board. From my understanding all it would take is a dozen personnel armed with .308 rifles to keep most of the pirates at bay as they usually travel in motorboats and only have small arms themselves. It would not be expensive at all when the investment in the ship is considered. As for some ports not allowing armed ships I bet even i could hide a dozen m-14's on a big ship.
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    It seems that the ships only need security while going thru one area,I'm sure that contractors could provide security back and forth by staging floating security bases that ships could call to and get a security team before entering Pirate waters.I guarantee you that if every hijacking ended in the pirates being shot and the boat sank they wouldn't be flying a jolly roger from the mast
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    I've never understood it either, not just because of the value of the cargo but the potential for destruction that a ship loaded with explosive chemicals represents. Not having armed protection ,especially in those waters is just asking for Pirates to hit you. Why make it so easy for them ?

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    Two points:

    1) How do the pirates board these large commercial shipping vessels from their rafts? (I was in the Navy on a carrier and these ships are huge!)

    2) Can't we just label pirates "terrorists" and send a few Navy cruisers and destroyers to Somalia to sink any "terrorist" ships? Problem solved. Oh wait, the chosen one in office, lets not offend the "pirates".
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    Quote Originally Posted by hinkleid View Post
    Two points:

    1) How do the pirates board these large commercial shipping vessels from their rafts? (I was in the Navy on a carrier and these ships are huge!)
    Most larger ships, even the carriers, have close to water entrances. In fact a guy in my unit here at Buckley AFB here in Colorado has earned the nickname "Tugboat Willie" for boarding a carrier after it had left port via tug boat through the aft brow. There was no aft brow watch at the time, but thanks to him there is now.

    Quote Originally Posted by hinkleid View Post
    2) Can't we just label pirates "terrorists" and send a few Navy cruisers and destroyers to Somalia to sink any "terrorist" ships? Problem solved. Oh wait, the chosen one in office, lets not offend the "pirates".
    Can't offend the pirates by labeling them terrorists! That would just be rude of us. Apologizing for the U.S.A.'s arrogance in dealing with terrorism? It makes me sick. And I fear for the republic.
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    If I understand correctly, the crewmen on these vessels are not "company" employees, they are hired from wherever and are not exactly reliable in a defensive situation. In some cases one of the crewmen is working with the pirates, feeding them information.

    Nevertheless, a two-man team with a rolling 50-cal machine gun would pretty much solve the problem.
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    OK, I've worked on the water in one capacity or another for much of my adult life. The answers are not always as easy as it seems. The ships are very large and the crews are very, very small in these days of cost cutting. They are also usually low paid foreign nationals. Most of these guys have never shot a gun in their life. So, who is paying to have these guys trained to competency? Who is going to pay them fighting wages for putting their life on the line? Who is paying their families and the numerous lawsuits that would follow if one gets killed or injured?

    Don't count on the shipowners, money is very tight and the odds of one particular ship getting hit are still thousands to one. Then there will be the issue of a bare bones over worked crew having weapons maintenence in a salt water environment added to their work load. Ah, and what happens when you enter or leave port? In many countries merely having these weapons on board will make you a first class gun runner under their laws and headed for a long stay in a third world prison. Even trying to clear port in some places with them on board would pose serious legal complications and probably prosecution.

    I agree that being armed could help but just putting guns in a bunch of untrained amateurs hands would probably cause more accidents than help. You also would have to prevent the crews from selling them on the black market as well so if they're locked up, what good are they? So we bring up security teams. In just the Gulf of Aden there can be as many as 2,000 ships a day. A great business opportunity to be sure but how do you certify that many people as competent and safe and not spotting for the pirate crews? Also, how do these teams deal with the weapons complications in ports?

    So we could try and get the international laws changed to help this with the UN? Oh, that's rich isn't it. The howling liberals there would be baying at the moon and nothing would be accomplished.

    More military? That coast is as long as the entire US east coast. Just how many resources do we have to secure it?

    It's not going to be easy to solve as long as they have land bases to work out of so do we go for another protracted land war and nation building in an impossible, no win, country? I'm betting this problem isn't going away any time soon.
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    Here are some "suggestions".

    1. Don't rely on just the USA to ward off pirates. We need the Global community to take action.

    2. Get a group of submarines of ALL nations that have them, and blow any and everything out of the water that even looks like a Somali pirate ship. That I believe is the "Ultimate" concealed weapon to use.

    3. Get every nation involved that has an intrest in the shipping lanes to put pressure on whatever Somali government is in place to help reduce the pirates.

    4. Get Richard Marcenko and Seal Team Six to go in and "adjust" the situation.

    Maybe not helpful or solutions, but my .02 worth.
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    It's not just an issue of armament. If it was that simple, of course they'd be armed. The issue is one of the foreign port's laws, which generally will not allowed any ship to dock that has firearms of any sort aboard. Sure, you could say hidden is hidden... but when we're talking millions of dollars per ship, they're probably not going to take any chances.

    Mounted weaponry? Definitely not going to happen - think of it like this. Would you allow a heavily armed Somalian vessel to dock in New York? Probably not.

    I truly think that any crew should be able to carry a few rifles and shotguns on board, at the very least. It's lunacy that in our modern times, our solution is to sit back and do nothing. In the past, pirates would've been hung upon discovery, and whether seafarers were armed would've been as silly a question as whether someone had two eyes and two ears. Of course, it just comes with the territory.

    What we need is a new approach, in addition to allowing sailors to defend themselves, as well as untying the hands of our navy and giving them more leeway to aggressively engage and destroy pirate ships and pirates, especially the motherships these pirates operate from. But, like the police, they can't be everywhere at once.

    I think Ron Paul has it right - it's time to bring back the old letters of marque situation, which could've been used in many other situations as well and saved our military - but oftentimes, no one listens to Dr. Paul.

    YouTube - Ron Paul on Marque and Reprisal 4/12/09

    Letters of marque were originally used for - take a guess - piracy!

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    I think ELCruisr has pretty much identified and addressed the issues involved.

    I wonder if high pressure water could be used as a less than lethal weapon - it would be pretty debilitating to a person and could probably fill a pirate vessel with water pretty quickly. Something like those fire fighting nossles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tangle View Post
    I think ELCruisr has pretty much identified and addressed the issues involved.

    I wonder if high pressure water could be used as a less than lethal weapon - it would be pretty debilitating to a person and could probably fill a pirate vessel with water pretty quickly. Something like those fire fighting nossles.

    They said that water hoses are used now. The American ship that was boarded used water hoses to repel the pirates for a few hours before being boarded.


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    Good article. I wonder if he has any glass on that 7mm...

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    I christen these ships big floating sheeps of the seas. I guess it is time to consult President Jefferson's playbook from the Barbary wars and find a new Bainbridge and Decatur to lead punitive expeditions against these pirates. this is not a new problem and we have old solutions that have worked before.

    We can also borrow from the playbook of the early anti-submarine merchant ships in WWI; pretend to be an unarmed merchant marine and when the WWI subs surfaces to fire its weapons... open and reveal the deck guns and blow them out of the water. in the modern era, a few burning wrecks and lost pirate souls would lead to attrition of their number and make them think twice about doing such high seas robbery and kidnapping. a 40 mm twin cannon should do the job.

    can't say I blame the pirates though. very low risk in taking a unarmed ship but the gains are in the millions. they must have some somali Seals with grappling hooks that board these vessels and control the bridge. I would not argue with a 16 yo with an ak-47 trained at me.

    who is supplying these guys with GPS and real time intel on where or what the ships are carrying though? smells fishy to me.
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