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Tragic: Boy finds forgotten gun, accidentally shoots self in head

This is a discussion on Tragic: Boy finds forgotten gun, accidentally shoots self in head within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by retsupt99 Tragic news for sure, but when my boys were growing up, they knew where my guns were stored. Neither boy ever ...

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Thread: Tragic: Boy finds forgotten gun, accidentally shoots self in head

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Tragic news for sure, but when my boys were growing up, they knew where my guns were stored. Neither boy ever tampered with my guns. They both tell me now (both in their 30's) that they really had no curiousity about them as we did go out into the woods and shoot quite often...they had many opportunities to shoot.
    Additionally, they both respected and 'feared death' if they even thought about touching one of my guns.

    This 12 year old kid was old enough to be gun proofed...OMO
    Yup, my 12 y/o daughter knows the rules of gun safety, with number one being fon't touch without asking. She also knows I will unload it, show her it's unloaded and let her handle in under my constant supervision if she wants to. She also knows how to field strip and clean them. She hasn't done so completely by herself but she knows that before she is ever allowed to fire one, she must pass Mom's Safety test. Remove the childs natural curiousity, by teaching them and you solve the problem.
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    There are a LOT of people who are not gun savvy and don't think about guns being present. Should they be? IMO, yes. But, many are not.

    If a family is not used to firearms being present, it is unlikely that most will teach their children what to do, IF THEY EVEN KNOW what to do themselves. Additionally, a child can go to a friend's house and the parents have no idea what the gun situation is there.

    While it should be like drownproofing kids (especially, for example in FL, where every third yard seems to have a pool, not to mention ocean, gulf, rivers and lakes), many are just not aware.
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    This is such a sad story. I know that all of my guns stay locked up. It’s when my son is at “little jonnies” house that makes me worry. I have had all the talks with him about “if you ever see a gun tell a grow up and never touch it” or “if one of your friends ever try’s to show you a gun come right home and tell me”. I still know that kids are kids and stuff can happen. You just never know. I can only pray that my son makes it thru the gauntlet of childhood safely.
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    Quote Originally Posted by United93 View Post
    Sad. IMO there was stupidity on the part of the parents and the child. I'm glad he didn't die, and I hope his parents become more responsible hereafter.

    Thanks for posting.
    Well, I almost fell out of my chair and dropped my coffee, when I read your comment regarding the stupidity on part of the child. In any event, I do agree that the parents were markedly irresponsible.
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    Completely and utterly avoidable. IMO, parental responsibility with children around means you fiddle-proof the gun (via safe storage/carry) and gun-proof the child, preferably both. Fail in that, and you get what you get. These folks just got an injured child who could easily have been killed.

    A friend of mine has 3yr old daughter. He and his wife are starting her on Eddie Eagle and slow introduction to firearms. A competent instructor has offered to teach her properly. 3yrs old ... and already being "-proofed" against blind fiddling. He's hopeful it'll last a lifetime and keep her safer, by knowing firearms and their place as functional tools.
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    It sucks, but thats why you have to teach your kids about guns, not hide your guns from your kids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonInNY View Post

    The CDC says three children per day, on average, died in accidental incidents in the United States from 2000 to 2005, the last year data are available.
    Wait, what? I'm interested to see these statistics. I don't think this is true.

    Some statistics from the National Safety Council: The average Americans chances of dying
    In any accident 1 in 23
    By a vehicle while walking 1 in 612
    Fall from bed, chair, furntiture 1 in 4745
    Firearm accident 1 in 4888
    [A]ccidental deaths involving firearms comprise less than 1 percent of accidental deaths or about 700 deaths a year nationwide in 2004, the most recent year studied. [NSSF] cites a recent report from the National Safety Council, a nonprofit public service organization, showing an amazing 48 percent decline in accidental firearm-related deaths in the past decade. According to the National Safety Council, which keeps tabs on accidents in its “Injury Facts 2005-2006” publication, no other category of accidental death has declined as much in recent years.
    That's all firearm deaths, though, not 0-15. At any rate, still doesn't diminish the tragedy here, and a reminder to be responsible. I don't understand how you can "forget" about a gun? That seems really stupid. According to the same set of data, about 80 kids between 0-14 died of firearm accidents in 2000. That's not 3 per day. Still tragic, but not 3 per day. Amazingly enough, in the same year, there were 800 fatalities of kids between 0-14, from drowning! eesh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by United93 View Post
    +1 retsupt99

    I tend to think that 'gun proofing the kids' works better than 'kid proofing the guns'. By 'gun proofing' I mean instilling in them an understanding of, and a healthy respect for, firearms.
    + 1 also, what ya'll said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Janq View Post
    That is something my parents sorely needed 30 years ago.

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    Need to teach kids about fireams and the safe handling of them.

    Make every effort to keep them from curious children, becasuse we all know they are.

    Removing the mystique of a firearm will lessen the desire to want to get to it.

    One thing more. If this kid was destined to get a gunshot wound, thankfully it was with a .25apc and not a larger more devastating caliber.
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    I can seriously imagine some people getting those locks, but leaving the keys in a drawer or maybe just on a tabletop. Responsibility starts between the ears, to be sure - everything else just reinforces that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob P. View Post
    I don't know about this. If the gun had been in a box in Mom's underwear drawer would you feel the same way? After all, if you think about it, the kid was snooping in his parents' closet opening boxes when he found the gun.

    Can you honestly say that parents did not do enough when they packed it away out of sight in a box hidden in a closet in their bedroom? Shouldn't kids respect their parents' privacy? And if the kid doesn't, does that come into play in situations like this?

    Hopefully the parents get a good DA who will look at the whole story and hopefully they also get a break from the news media.
    This is a good point. At 12, I knew full well that I was NOT supposed to be in my parents bedroom, period! I certainly was not allowed to go snooping around their room looking for anything.

    Of course at 12 I also knew well that guns were not to be handled lightly. And of course pointing one at my head would have been the last thing I would have thought of.

    Still, the parents should have been more careful than to "forget" about a gun in their house.

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    Many people prefer to just keep their heads burried in the sand. I have talked to many people about teaching their kids about guns. I have been told that "we dont want our kids to ever handle a gun". When ask what will happen if their kids happen to come across one they say that they "HOPE" that will never happen.

    Safety by ignorance is rampant in our society.


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    A 12 Year old should know better.
    Exodus 22:2 "If a thief is caught breaking in and is struck so that he dies, the defender is not guilty of bloodshed"

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