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Families of Slain Somali Pirates seek U.S. Pardon and Compensation

This is a discussion on Families of Slain Somali Pirates seek U.S. Pardon and Compensation within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; geeze....***....

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Thread: Families of Slain Somali Pirates seek U.S. Pardon and Compensation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rugergirl View Post
    Oh, I don't know, maybe a million USD would go a long way in Somalia?
    Let's start with a million, pay off the military for the costs incurred, the shipping companies for their costs and lost profits, throw in a few bucks for suffering for the seamen and their families, then let the useless parent of the useless pirate, keep the "hope and change" that's left.
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    *** is all I can say about this.
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    I say we compensate all of 'em . . .

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    The pirates and the their families are making this some sort of game and the US media is playing along!

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    "The mother of a teenager facing trial in the United States for piracy off Somalia wants President Barack Obama to pardon her son because he was misled into joining a sea gang

    "My son was influenced by other gangs. He only got into piracy 15 days before he was captured. He is very young and didn't know what he was doing is a crime," said Adar Abdirahman Hassan.

    "I am appealing the United States and President Obama to release my son," the mother said, adding that Muse is only 16."

    Ya know, I 'hate' it when one of my teenagers says this........but this is the only thing that comes to my mind.......

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    What a freaking joke!!!
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    The kid should fry and the families should be warned that the U.S. does not use leniency when it comes to piracy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bunny View Post
    Just the title of this thread makes me ill.


    But not surprised.
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    My mistake, when I saw a thing about Somali pirates I thought it was a thread about Minneapolis. Sorry.

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