Comical: Do not answer cell phone while robbing bank

Comical: Do not answer cell phone while robbing bank

This is a discussion on Comical: Do not answer cell phone while robbing bank within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Police: Pregnant woman tried to rob Fayetteville bank Fayetteville, N.C. — Police said they are looking for a pregnant woman who tried to rob a ...

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Thread: Comical: Do not answer cell phone while robbing bank

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    Comical: Do not answer cell phone while robbing bank

    Police: Pregnant woman tried to rob Fayetteville bank

    Fayetteville, N.C. — Police said they are looking for a pregnant woman who tried to rob a Fayetteville bank at gunpoint but left empty-handed after answering her cell phone.

    Fayetteville police spokeswoman Teresa Chance said the woman had a handgun and demanded money when she entered Carter Bank & Trust, 123 Rowan St., at 9:43 a.m. Tuesday.

    The woman got distracted when her cell phone rang and began talking to the caller, police said. She then left the bank without taking any money. No one was hurt.
    Pregnant woman attempts Fayetteville bank robbery, gives up after phone call ::

    Must have been a real important call.
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    LoL, her husband calling saying: "Honey! You don't have to rob the bank anymore! Someone bought our car!"

    These is hard times I guess...
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    bleeeeeeeeeeeeeep (cell phone ringtone)

    "Hello?" Where am I?" "Robbing the Carter Bank & Trust at the moment."

    "What!?!?" I'm supposed to be robbing the Fifth Third Bank???" "CRAP!"

    "OK, Ok, I'm on my way there now!"
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    "Darn it, I told you not to call me when I'm at work"!
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    Gee...all they have to do is match the exact time of that call with all cell phone calls made from that exact GPS location and she is busted.
    They can go pick her up right at home.
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    Only in North Carolina... I live here, unfortunately I know

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    She'll blame the whole thing on hormones and no charges filed/dropped, I can almost guarantee it.

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    That kid is going to have a great role model to look up to, or should I say look though bars at.
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    It was the White Castle CRAVE calling. She left the store and went directly to White Castle for a bag of Sliders.

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    You guys are cracking me up!

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    Daffy twit probably forgot what she was doing.
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    I think that someone special was on the phone saying that her son/daughter was healed. And money was not a problem then. :D

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