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Second shooting in a month at Shoot Straight

This is a discussion on Second shooting in a month at Shoot Straight within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by dukalmighty Well they did go to a shooting range to shoot themselves,see the Irony No, the irony that I see is a ...

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Thread: Second shooting in a month at Shoot Straight

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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    Well they did go to a shooting range to shoot themselves,see the Irony
    No, the irony that I see is a gun range thinking that background checks will solve the problem. That's irony.
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    Wow. I was on a business trip a few months back to the Bay area and stopped in a local range to peruse the goods ... I was interested in shooting a couple of different handguns and they told me about the rule of needing to have a friend along to rent. I did a double take and he explained it was to help keep people from rent-a-cide. At this time, I kinda thought "Cali Kooks" ... I guess I was wrong as it's not limited to CA! I guess you need to friends in FL!
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    I know some ranges will only rent to you if you already own a gun. To help prevent this.
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    I agree.

    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    There is no way to stop 'nuts' from doing stuff like this...if not there, they would have just picked another place.
    Granted, perhaps not renting guns might prevent some, but guns can be had almost anywhere.

    What if these two shooting had taken place in the same police station lobby? Should they then close the police station for safety reasons? Should they close the station and conduct a complete investigation before opening it up again.

    Nuts are just that...nuts, and you aren't going to prevent these plans that they have played out in these recent scenarios.
    Back in 58 I sold a Beretta .32 to a gun shop in NM. A few days later they told me the gun had sold and the individual killed his girlfriend and himself. The only two shots ever fired from the gun. Like you said, if not the range they will find another place or method.
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    The media - especially the TV - needs to put this on the back pages, if they cover it at all. The second shooter got the idea from the earlier whack job, who shot her son to "save" him, then killed herself. What a media frenzy.... But within the frenzy, they did get the facts straight. It was not a Brady only moment.

    The law does not permit ranges to do background checks on rentals - only purchases.

    Even then, unless there is a non-voluntary commitment, the slate is clean.
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    It's going to happen no matter what. If you are really suicidal, you will use whatever means you can to do the deed. It's just that doing it like this gets attention quickly.

    Way back in the late 70's where I live, a guy went into a local store and asked to see a handgun and the ammo for it. The clerk complied and let the man see both at the same time. The customer then distracted the clerk with another request, loaded the handgun and proceeded to shoot himself. He never appeared suicidal, crazy or any of the things we would associate with someone intending to do just what he did. Nothing like this had ever happend before, it was definitely a first.

    The incident did get the law changed though. Made it so nobody could see a weapon and ammo at the same time in a store.
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    I'm not really surprised, given the way the media hyped the earlier murder/suicide. They covered it ad nauseum, interviewing her neighbors, family, co-workers and pets.

    One has to wonder if the latest suicide chose that venue so he could be famous, too....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Der Alte View Post
    Back in 58 I sold a Beretta .32 to a gun shop in NM. A few days later they told me the gun had sold and the individual killed his girlfriend and himself. The only two shots ever fired from the gun. ...
    I guess the .32 is a lethal round after all...

    These tragedy's are unfortunate. You will always have nut-cases in this world, and as a result; stories for the media to play up as "normal" so they can further their anti-gun agenda.

    Simple measures like "own a gun to rent a gun" seem very logical and straightforward. Perhaps this range will consider doing at least that much. I truly hate to see more background checks, as I see that as more Gov't involvement (i.e. more accessible databases, etc.) ... which is NEVER a good thing.

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