BAD: Char-Mech schools this Memorial Day

BAD: Char-Mech schools this Memorial Day

This is a discussion on BAD: Char-Mech schools this Memorial Day within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Okay, it's kind of a rant, because it's affecting me and mine personally, but it's still kinda newsworthy I guess. Due to someone being an ...

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Thread: BAD: Char-Mech schools this Memorial Day

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    BAD: Char-Mech schools this Memorial Day

    Okay, it's kind of a rant, because it's affecting me and mine personally, but it's still kinda newsworthy I guess.

    Due to someone being an idiot somewhere and a complete and TOTAL lack of planning and foresight, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in NC are IN SESSION TODAY!

    Yep, that's right. Memorial Day.

    Apparently, even though we get 1-2 days of snow each winter, the Powers That Be decided not to plan ahead for the possibility of 1 or 2 snow days this school year. So they took one day out of our Spring Break, and School is in session today to make up the other day.

    I am pissed. I am fuming. My husband is enraged. They could have planned better. Heck, the could have extended the school year by 2 extra days! But this???

    Does anyone else see this as completely un-American and kind of a smack in the face to the very things/people we are supposed to honor and remember this Memorial Day? Or is it just me?
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    I would be tempted to call the school and tell them to orally ingest feces and expire, but that's just me.

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    I'm PO'd, and it's not even my kids' school district. I know there are plenty of exceptions, but the overall liberalness of the education community as a whole sickens me...I bet that the decision makers on this one would have been front and center when it came time to make "baby killer" banners back in the day. I'm fuming, as a red blooded American who appreciates down deep in my soul what many have given everything for....for anyone to trample over the graves of my heroes as easily as they'd step on cockroach infuriates me.

    Wow, that ticked me off more than I thought. I don't care how an individual chooses to spend his day, although It'd be nice if everyone took a moment to remember and appreciate the price of our freedom. But taking away the ability of an entire scool district to view a parade, or whatever else....uggg.
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    Who's kids are they?

    As parents we always decided when school was in session. If the school calendar did not agree with our needs - we changed the calendar.

    In this instance I would call the school - inform them that our kids will be out of school today due to participation in the 'educational aspects of Memorial Day, a Federal and State Holiday paying tribute to our nation's war dead' Please notify the their teachers so that any missed assignments may be made up.

    If the school did not like or excuse this absence - then the next time there would be a 'family emergency' or even a 'death in the family'

    (My Uncle died March 23, 1968 USAF) (I had a cousin died in Europe, March of '44 USA) We like to honor their sacrifice - and I still miss my uncle.

    So in a nutshell - I agree with you. You have a right to be angry - contact your school board members - today if possible. Let them ruin part of their holiday dealing with a righteously indignant parent.

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    Bunny, do you have local school boards, or are North Carolina schools run directly by the state department of education, such as in Virginia? Either way, I would be lighting up the switchboards of all decision-makers and fund-providers of the school system.

    You cannot do anything to recover matters for today, but a sustained effort by voters and taxpayers can make certain it doesn't happen again.

    Good luck, and I share your anger.

    BTW, how close is Charlotte-Mecklenburg to these places?:

    Perhaps some calls from these locations to the school system and the local business community would get their attention for the future, especially if the term "off-limits" were mentioned....
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    Sad, very sad...and those are supposed to be the "educated" ones making these decisions. No common sense!
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    PO'd? Why?
    Pretty simple solution......don't send the kids...respect the day!
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    I wouldn't send them, even if I had nothing planned. The note sent the following day would simply state that: "Little Bunny was observing the ultimate sacrifice many men and women had made for the country." If didn't like the reason tell them to put their objections where their head obviously is currently residing!

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    Two Vets here that are more then a little irked.
    I know not what this "overkill" means.

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    March Snowfall Means School on Memorial Day

    "Sunday March 1, 2009
    A rather dreary and rainy Friday and Saturday gave way to an unprecedented March snowall on Sunday evening in the Charlotte area as heavy snow fell on the region. With several inches accumulating before midnight, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools made the decision to cancel classes on Monday, March 2. To make up for the third snow day this school year, students will attend school on Memorial Day, Monday, May 25."

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    My kids would have stayed home...Period. I'm getting sick and tired of the Government Indoctrination Centers that schools have become.

    Could this have been stopped? Now it is after the fact and the crime has already been committed. School board members need to be voted out of office along with the superintendent.

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    We homeschooled... Caesar can keep his stinkin' tax money; my daughter does not belong to him.
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    It might be a good day to teach the all important lesson - when is it a time to follow the rules, and when is it time to organize a walk out?

    Are there not enough days in June? This is elementary school math. Snow days = extra days in the end of the year...

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    Their lack of respect for the fallen soldiers and their sacrifice is inexcusable. They should get the guy who made this decision and make him apologize.
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    As a veteran, and a former high school teacher, I have these comments:

    1. Somebody would get a blistering letter through the US mail.

    2. My state congress persons would get a copy and names of local school officials would be in BOLD print.

    3. Newspapers would get copies.

    Ya see, I'm retired now and basically I don't answer to anybody any more. That allows me to be as politically incorrect as I wanna be....and I wanna be a lot now days.

    I feel for you and frankly, I'm angry for you right now. I feel disrespected (is that a word?) and treated poorly as a veteran. But as a former teacher (Georgia) I can tell you the situation is not likely to change. There are reasons why our schools do such a poor job of educating our youth; you've just seen one of them: pure stupidity and a total lack of any ability to plan ahead.

    And since this Memorial Day is my 63rd birthday, I'm doubly PO'd for you.
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