Editiorial on Walmart Shooting: Case clearly separates criminal mind from law abiding

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Thread: Editiorial on Walmart Shooting: Case clearly separates criminal mind from law abiding

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    Rope. Tree. Perp. Some assembly required.
    The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lacrosse50 View Post
    Rope. Tree. Perp. Some assembly required.
    What? Ugh, this thing reads like stereo instructions!
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    Quote Originally Posted by paul34 View Post
    Believe it or not, life in prison is actually far cheaper than death row and subsequent execution. A sad state of affairs to be sure.
    True, but misleading. The only reason it is more expensive is because of all the unnecessary delays and arguments against it, including that it is "too expensive."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiny85 View Post
    Wow this is a very blood thirsty group. Capital punishment is meant to remove the problem (the murder) not act as a vengence killing.
    Not interested in the blood. Most are not, I suspect.

    Am interested in removal from our midst those creatures who've lost the ability to withstand the "urges." They're no longer human, at that point. Remove them ... bloodlessly, if need be. But, remove them.

    Loss of life is always a bad thing even if the person who dies was a BG.
    Beccaria would agree. I would not.

    At the same time I say Hang em high to set an example to the rest who think this might be a good idea.
    There are precious few yard arms available, these days, and all the old oaks are rotted from within. But if we can see our way to a guaranteed appeals trial within 6mos and then be done with it, it can be win/win, without the painful costs we incur now. That most certainly is less expensive (both in $ and more than $) than three "squares" a day in a super-max cage for a lifetime.
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