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GOOD: Nice shot from a police sniper

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Thread: GOOD: Nice shot from a police sniper

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    Oldie, but goodie.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Superhouse 15 View Post
    I guess I'm in the minority, but that seems like a poor decision to allow that shot. What if it ricochets or fragments and a piece hits him in the Femoral artery or under the chin or in his wrist or something? I can't help but think a distraction device and maybe a beanbag round or such would be a better choice. It was a good, well aimed shot for sure. I just wouldn't have taken it.

    Why the poor decision?
    Did'nt the idiot want the LEO's to shoot him?

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    Quote Originally Posted by United93 View Post
    ....Watch the vid again, wait till you see the officer hanging the remains on the wall....
    That scene is not in the linked video.

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    One of those old videos that comes on all the million versions of wildest cop videos type of shows.They just keep showing the same thing all the time.

    Would have been funny to shoot the chairs legs out from under him...
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    It is one heckuva shot, from a while back around the Columbus Ohio area. THey certainly got ahead of the BG's OODA loop on that one.
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    I'm not saying it wasn't a great shot, well done by the sniper. Just imagine how it would look if he bounced a high powered rifle round into the guy's package. The BG was just annoying everybody and snarling up traffic while getting up the nerve for his suicide. If he pointed that gun at all, blow him out of his socks. If he wants to sit there and be a PITA, just wait him out.

    But I'm not saying it was a bad shot, and the BG experiencing Epic Fail conditions is great. Just glad it turned out OK.

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    Glad you posted. Saw this long long time ago. Appreciate seeing it again.
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    Okay, just to fill in some on the info.
    The round the sniper used was a fully frangible round, it turned to dust on impact.
    Two the weapon was a revolver.
    Three, the BG later thanked the officers for saving his life, and was trying to commit suicide by cop.
    Four, the weapon broke into pieces and is currently hanging in an officers office.
    I know not what this "overkill" means.

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    Four: the shot was taken, according to the narrator, from "over 50 yards away". The sniper better be able to hit a target the size of a revolver if he is prone and has a bi-pod, from what maybe 75 yards max? The fact that the target was moving does impress me.
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    Great shot! The BG face was hilarious when the gun was hit, complete and total confusion, I wonder what was going through his head when the gun was lying in pieces on the ground below him......

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