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Misplaced fears about gun laws

I am appalled that intellects such as editors and university professors use so little of their intellect when discussing gun laws. Proposed legislation to allow holders of permits to carry a concealed weapon in establishments that serve alcohol is designed primarily to allow carry in restaurants. Carrying in bars is not the major intent. In fact, people who inhabit bars may not pass the rigid requirements to get a permit.

Most people who have permits do not carry except in their car when traveling. There has never been a violation of gun laws by a person with a permit to carry in the state of Virginia, nor elsewhere that I know of. All are reputable people -- not paranoid.

To get a permit, a person must undergo training that includes laws pertaining to that right. One leaves the session believing it might be better to take the first bullet than face the criminal and civil charges.

It does seem with gun legislation, as with many other things, persons who make their decisions based on emotion rather than facts do sometimes succeed in certain fields.


Second Amendment didn't cause shooting

Re: "Neither candidate is right on guns in bars," June 24 letter:

Joyce Enderle wrote that making it legal for people to carry guns in bars is "the stupidest idea I've heard in 50 years." She then implies that the National Rifle Association and the Second Amendment are the reason her neighbor's son was shot last year. In my opinion, that implication is the stupidest thing I have heard in 50 years.

I suppose Enderle would like to see the Second Amendment removed from the Bill of Rights. While we are at it, let's just trash the whole Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

I have no patience for narrow-minded people who exercise their First Amendment right yet want to deny us our Second Amendment rights.