One of my occasional assignments when I did security was armed bank protection. That job S-U-C-K-E-D.

Stand around all day in a small lobby, wearing the monkey suit, felt like I had a target on my shirt, front and back. Nobody liked seeing me there. Customers wondered why they needed armed security, employees acted like I was a leper.

Banks have so many ways to deter robbers, but most don't use them. Like those walls that come down and isolate the lobby from the tellers. Of course that leaves the customers (and some employees, depending on the floorplan) at the mercy of the thieves. IMHO dye packs are small consolation if there is a slaughter before they explode.

I would have preferred an armored booth labeled "ARMED SECURITY". Gives notice to the BGs but allows for some protection from an armed assault. Sadly, opting to NOT use security is probably the best option. Just give the money away, it's insured. Now if some of the tellers were authorized to carry, or were considered plainclothes armed security in addition to their other duties, all the better.