Instructor vs Student; ow.

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Thread: Instructor vs Student; ow.

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    A Memphis Police Department recruit was accidentally shot in the arm by an instructor during a training exercise at the Police Training Academy.
    Tuesday, August 11, 2009 AP

    The recruit, who was not identified, was wounded Tuesday in the left wrist and released from a hospital after treatment.

    Deputy Chief Joe Scott told WMC-TV that the drill was meant to teach recruits how to draw a weapon using their non-shooting hand. One of two instructors fired a gun that was supposed to have been unloaded.
    Scott called it an "unfortunate accident."

    The instructor was routinely relieved of duty until an investigation is completed.

    Scott called it an "unfortunate accident."

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    Oh, the old "supposed to have been unloaded" gun. I won't use on of those. They're deadly.
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    I guess that wasn't his "non-shooting" hand.

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    ...The instructor was routinely relieved of duty until an investigation is completed...

    Happen quite a bit?

    I'm just sayin'...
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    ...The instructor was routinely relieved of duty until an investigation is completed...

    Happen quite a bit?

    I'm just sayin'...

    its part of the new training!!
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    I'm kinda curious as to why they were not using one of those pretty blue PRACTICE GUNS???

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    Sounds like they need to find another instructor if this has happened before....
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    I bet the gun was supposed to be loaded but the press got a PR friendly version from the academy.

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    I would say that most of the accidental shootings are from the gun that was unloaded.

    On the part of an instructor making this mistake, I would say it is the number one thing that gets all profesionals-Complacenty!
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    thats exactually why you clear your weapon and then you let someone else visually check it as well,,, just to positively ensure there is not a round in the chamber..... Thats just has we do it, guess they like their way better..

    Atleast there wasnt any serious injuries or deaths

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    I never cease to be amazed how many firearms "instructors" I've met in my years with a badge who barely knew which end of a firearm to stand behind. I've seen all sorts of shenanegans and "training" from these "instructors" that ran from amusingly useless to just plain dangerous.

    Sadly, I've only met a handfull of police firearms "instructors" who could accurately diagnose a shooter's problem and get 'em back on track. The rest were just "hole counters" whose only skill was in sending a number in to our Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission. ... I've met even fewer who were really "gun people."

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