16 Yr Old Pleads Guilty To Gang Rape

16 Yr Old Pleads Guilty To Gang Rape

This is a discussion on 16 Yr Old Pleads Guilty To Gang Rape within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; He was 14 yrs. old when he committed this crime. Defendant in gang rape of mother, son pleads guilty - Breaking News - Broward - ...

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Thread: 16 Yr Old Pleads Guilty To Gang Rape

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    16 Yr Old Pleads Guilty To Gang Rape

    He was 14 yrs. old when he committed this crime.

    Defendant in gang rape of mother, son pleads guilty - Breaking News - Broward - MiamiHerald.com

    The youngest of four men charged in the bone-chilling rape of a 35-year-old West Palm Beach woman and her 12-year-old son pleaded guilty Wednesday morning.

    Avion Lawson, who was 14 when the woman and her son were gang raped in her apartment in 2007, wants to accept responsibility for his actions, his attorney told Palm Beach Circuit Judge Krista Marx.

    "He's very sorry for what he did," attorney Bert Winkler said.

    Lawson's fingerprints were on a wall and his DNA was in a condom left at the woman's apartment.

    The 16-year-old has agreed to testify against the three others charged in the rape -- two of whom are to go to trial Tuesday.

    However, while his cooperation may win him some points with Marx, there are no guarantees, Winkler admitted.

    Lawson, 16, faces a maximum 11 life sentences plus 50 years, according to sentencing guidelines. While Marx has broad discretion when she sentences him on Oct. 13, he faces a minimum of 49 years in prison.

    Marx repeatedly warned Lawson that she could sentence him to life in prison.

    "Yes, ma'am," Lawson answered softly each time Marx asked him whether he understood the consequences of pleading guilty to 14 charges in connection with the rape that shocked the community in both its brutality and the tender ages of those charged.

    Lawson's mother, Kathy, stood by him as he admitted his guilt. While stoic in front of the judge, she collapsed in tears outside the courtroom after her son was led back to jail by sheriff's deputies.

    According to police, as many as 10 young men entered the apartment of a woman identified in court papers only as M.D. and her son, identified as C.J. They raped her repeatedly, making her son watch, police said. They then forced the two to engage in sexual activity. Finally, they dumped chemicals on the two and fled, after stealing the woman's cellphone and car, and ripping their home phone out of the wall.

    The two walked to Good Samaritan Medical Center in the middle of the night to seek treatment, prosecutors said.

    Two others accused of the rape who are to be tried beginning Tuesday are: Tommy Poindexter, 20, and Nathan Walker, 18. While they will be tried together, they will have separate juries.

    Jakaris Taylor, 17, who was to be tried with Lawson, is to face a jury in September.

    Prosecutors acknowledged that all involved are not in custody.

    And another article:

    WEST PALM BEACH — A 14-year-old boy confessed Tuesday that he was one of the masked attackers who terrorized a Dunbar Village woman and her son in their home, gang-raping the woman at gunpoint and assaulting the child.

    Police said they hope to arrest nine more teenaged assailants who participated in the June 18 attack.
    Avion Lawson, a seventh-grader at the Gold Coast alternative middle school, was charged Tuesday with armed sexual battery by multiple perpetrators, armed home invasion, aggravated battery and an additional sexual assault charge.

    Investigators said they believe all involved in the attack are 14 to 18 years old.

    Lawson was linked to the attack when his DNA was found in a condom at the victims' home, police said.

    Tuesday evening, reporters converged at his family's home while Lawson's relatives sat on a porch facing a basketball court where they said Lawson liked to play.

    They denied he could have done what police charged.

    "If I ask him to buy some candy for me from the candy lady, he'd buy it," Lawson's 17-year-old cousin Niesha Allan said. "I'm gonna love him regardless."

    Lawson was also charged with purse snatching and assault in January.

    Lawson told investigators three days after the June 18 attack that he was at a friend's house the night of the rape. However, residents of the home did not confirm that story, according to police.

    Confronted with the DNA evidence, as well as a partial palm print at the victims' home, he confessed, a police spokesman said.

    Lawson was soft-spoken and cooperative but expressed no remorse, the spokesman said.

    The attack began at 8:30 on a Monday evening when one assailant lured the woman from her home by telling her the tires on her car were flat. There, two more masked, armed attackers ambushed her, forcing her back inside.

    During the next 20 minutes, seven more attackers followed the others into the apartment, where they raped the mother repeatedly, smashed a plate over the boy's head and poured household chemicals into his eyes, as well as other acts.

    After the assailants fled, the victims walked a mile to Good Samaritan Medical Center, where staff members called police.

    The details of the crime included acts that revolted veteran investigators.
    The attackers did not seem to know the victims, who kept to themselves because the mother was worried that the neighborhood was unsafe for her son, police said.

    The apparent randomness of the attack, the number of assailants and nature of the assault prompted investigators to work "day and night, every day," West Palm Beach Lt. Chuck Reed said.

    "Old-fashioned police work" gave investigators Lawson's name and the names of several other teenagers, Reed said. One mother brought her son in without being asked by police.

    Lawson's mother, who works at a hospital cafeteria, brought her son in at investigators' request. Lawson also lives sometimes with his grandmother, who fretted Tuesday that she would be thrown out of her Dunbar Village public housing apartment.

    "He just stayed here to keep me company," she said.

    His sister Shae Banks, 17, said he has two brothers and three sisters.

    His 7-year-old sister wore a T-shirt that said "Brother For Sale." He had called her earlier Tuesday and said, "I love you," she said.

    A friend of Lawson's who said his name was Gus said the seventh-grader also had called him earlier, but he did not divulge what they had discussed.

    "We speak in silence," he said, and, pacing, took a cellphone call.

    "I know, they had it on TV. Yeah, he called me. Leave me alone," he said, and hung up.

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    Life plus 150 years for each of the dirtbags...a 14 year old who is able to participate, watch, and then go home and have dinner is not salvageable either...those animals should become 'meals' for the worst in our prisons.
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    Words alone cannot express my disgust for this bunch, may they all become the “girlfriends” of several of our prisons worst.
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    Rape should be a capitol crime IMO. Flip the switch and maybe someone else will learn from their stupidity.

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    My opinion is we should bring back the guillotine (sp?) but not for the head that the blade was designed for.......


    PS: May the days of the guilty be shadowed by fear and their nights lighted by pain.
    Hesitation kills faster than a bullet.
    If your head is up your *$$ you are unaware of danger. You are in the perfect position to kiss it goodbye.
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    I recall when this was a news item.
    Horrible horrible event.

    - Janq
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    I say a quick, clean execution for the one who turned himself in, while the others are emasculated, castrated and dropped into the yard of a state prison.

    Those who will not govern their own behavior are slaves waiting for a master; one will surely find them.

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    I would LOVE to see an interview with them after they are on the receiving end of gang rapes for 5 years.

    12 year old kid......Things do not go well for those that sexually assault kids, their “life" sentences may not be all that long

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    Public hangings need a revival. So do quick trials, quick punishments. For the heinous, elimination just might work.
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    My son lived VERY close to this area, and we traveled through it repeatedly during the time that this happened.

    Horrible, terrible place to have to live.
    Poor excuses for human beings who did this.
    Some of the acts they forced the mother and son to perform are beyond belief.

    Hang 'em high.
    He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose. - Jim Elliott

    The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.
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    Quoting John Connor, columnist in American Handgunner - "don't worry about the electric chair, worry about electric bleachers."

    Bleeding hearts will blame society, but at the end of the day 10 depraved young <subhumans> committed these acts of depravity. The most humane molecule in my body does not believe they can be "rehabilitated."

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    Gotta' agree,

    Quote Originally Posted by KralBlbec View Post
    Rape should be a capitol crime IMO. Flip the switch and maybe someone else will learn from their stupidity.
    with something as heinous as this apparently was, there is no other rehab suitable enough.
    Extremism in the Defense of Liberty is No Vice--Moderation in the Pursuit of Justice is No Virtue. - Senator Barry Goldwater

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post
    Public hangings need a revival. So do quick trials, quick punishments. For the heinous, elimination just might work.
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

    "A superior Operator is best defined as someone who uses his superior
    judgement to keep himself out of situations that would require a display of his
    superior skills."

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    I just gagged after reading that. That only scrapes the surface of the violent outrage I feel when something like that happens...to a child AND his mother, no less! Gang rape in prison, hanging, guillotine, etc isn't enough. It won't change the psychological scars this child (and his mother) will have to bear the rest of their lives. An act like this alters the very course of one's life, and NOT for the better. How on earth can they fix THAT?
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    I have no words........what a sad case ........we live in a fallen world.... I know that the son that had to watch his mom being raped will never be the same, my prayers for this mom and son. Time to make an example of these dirt bags.
    Psalms 144:1
    Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.
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