Burglar Chats With Homeowners He Just Robbed

Burglar Chats With Homeowners He Just Robbed

This is a discussion on Burglar Chats With Homeowners He Just Robbed within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; He would have been chatting with the business end of my H&K USP45 had he tried that at my home! Burglar chats with homeowners before ...

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Thread: Burglar Chats With Homeowners He Just Robbed

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    Burglar Chats With Homeowners He Just Robbed

    He would have been chatting with the business end of my H&K USP45 had he tried that at my home!

    Burglar chats with homeowners before leaving

    Wednesday, August 19, 2009

    By Keith Phucas, Journal Register News Service

    NORRISTOWN — After a burglar awakened an Upper Merion couple while snooping around in their bedroom, he sat down and chatted with them about his life before leaving the house.

    Maceo Davis, 24, was convicted of criminal trespassing and loitering and prowling at night time for breaking into the couple’s South Gulph Road home on Aug. 11, 2008, according to court papers.

    On Monday, the Philadelphia man, who spent nearly four months in prison, was sentenced to time served. He was given a total of three years’ probation.

    Davis broke into the King of Prussia house just before dawn. As he was going through a bedside table in the bedroom, the female homeowner awoke. At first, she thought the man opening the table drawer was her husband.

    “He was rifling through the night stand,” said Assistant District Attorney Anthony Gil, who prosecuted the case.

    But the most remarkable thing was yet to come. Once the couple became aware he was an intruder and confronted him, he sat down at the foot of the bed and talked to them about himself and gained their sympathy.

    “The defendant’s actions were bizarre,” Gil said. “Because after breaking into the house, he had a calm, lucid conversation with the homeowners.”

    While sitting on the bed, Davis apologized and claimed he was in the wrong house and said his car broke down on the Schuylkill Expressway — which turned out to be true.

    Eventually, the husband ushered the man to the front door and the intruder left the house. It was 6 a.m. The homeowner immediately reported the intrusion to police.

    The defendant had gotten into the house by removing a window screen in the kitchen and climbing in, authorities said. While doing so, his wallet became wedged in the window frame, and the homeowners discovered the man’s name after finding his Pennsylvania driver’s license.

    Later, when shown a photo lineup, the couple positively identified Davis as the man they caught in their room.

    On Aug. 12, 2008, Upper Merion police Detective Paul Bradbury interviewed Davis, and after reading him his Miranda rights, the man admitted breaking into the home to use the phone after his vehicle became disabled.

    At the defendant’s bench trial on June 1, Gil said, the couple forgave the burglar and were concerned that he get help.

    URL: Burglar chats with homeowners before leaving - The Pottstown Mercury (pottsmerc.com)

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    all I can really say to this is....wow....
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    "Ah yes, I just robbed your place, do you mind if we sit down and let me tell you how much my life stinks?"

    I give him props for being ballzy. Me, I would have shot him!

    "Sure pal, but I feel that I can't retreat and your presence makes me feel like my life or my wife's is in jeopardy."

    BANG!, BANG!!
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    He woulda got (TIME SERVED) on this earth he pulled that crap in my house
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    What is wrong with those folks.

    If that was me, I would be searching the yellow book for crime scene cleaning companies.

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    The "victims" were lucky this time, it might not happen a second time now that every criminal in the country knows they're a soft mark.
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    I've been in the King of Prussia area and I guess I'm not that surprised. I know I wouldn't leave a window open there that a burglar can climb through!

    I live in an extreamly safe neighborhood now and I don't leave any windows open, accessable from the ground, without rod preventing them from opening more than a couple inches.
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    Coming into our home and sitting on the edge of the bed for a discussion would not happen...any conversation would be one-way and extremely brief.
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    The instant a window screen was being tampered with, my Canine Early Warning System (2 labs and a terrier) would likely have caused the perp to at least color-code his shorts. If that didn't give him pause (paws?) to reconsider, Level 2 Defense (armed, frightened, PO'd homeowner) would be enabled and a .45 would be aimed in the direction of the perceived threat. Conversation, if any, would be brief and not particularly cordial.

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    How stupid is that? Just because an invader seems "nice", chances are he isn't. He's just been caught in the act, and being nice might take the homeowner by surprise and give the perp and opportunity to injure or kill his victims.

    If this guy were to invade my home, after the dog in my house mauled him so badly the M.E. wouldn't have much to autopsy, I might have to do a mercy killing with my S&W .357 combat magnum.
    "A Smith & Wesson always beats 4 aces!"

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    to each their own

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    Didn't they say Ted Bundy was nice?

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    I recall a news story around 15 years ago about a burglar who broke into a number of homes in a small town. Once inside the home would wake up the sleeping residents. He then forced them to the nearest bathroom and have them brush their teeth. Once satisfied that they had done an adequate job he had them return to their bedrooms. The burglar would then leave the house the same way he came. This "dental" fetish burglar was never caught!

    Strange, but true! lol
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    Thumbs down

    The only conversation I would have had with him would be
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    True True, my topic of conversation would have been along the lines of [B]BOOM[B] conversation over!! Honey call 911 while I wash this brain matter off my face!!

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