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Bad: Boy killed with AirGun (UK)

This is a discussion on Bad: Boy killed with AirGun (UK) within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Can you you please edit the title so it says "Bad: Boy Killed with AirGun"? Otherwise, it seems that a "bad boy" was killed....

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Thread: Bad: Boy killed with AirGun (UK)

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    Can you you please edit the title so it says "Bad: Boy Killed with AirGun"? Otherwise, it seems that a "bad boy" was killed.

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    I have a Gamo pellet gun that, with a single pump, will kill a squirrel. Have used it for that purpose several times. Problem is we fail to take into account that baseball bats kill more people a year than pellet guns. What determines how much is a "little" knife crime? PEOPLE! We're human and we're on top of the food chain 'cause we've figured out how to kill efficiently. No more, no less. Before guns were invented we managed to kill each other by the thousands with poison, starvation, slavery, rocks, clubs, boiling oil, swords, bows, spears, ad infinitum. It's something that we're going to do to a greater or lesser degree as we, individually and as groups, see fit because we're animals by nature and it's the way things work.

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    I had a bb gun, a Daisy Red Rider, when I was a kid. It came with gun safety instructions from Daisy as I recall.

    A neighbor of my grandmother had a pellet gun. My brother shot me in the leg with the pellet gun. (My older brother of course.) We were playing and he said "Go run over there behind that pile of dirt." (We were playing in a cemetery near my grandma's house.)

    I got about halfway to the pile of dirt and he shot me in the leg. It's funny now, but at the time it hurt like crazy & took some skin off through my jeans. We made up a ridiculous story because he said if I told mom what happened she wouldn't let us play with the pellet gun anymore. Anyway, when mom saw the scrape I forgot the story just long enough to lose any credibility.

    Point being, if they're stronger now they really are dangerous for kids and should be better supervised by parents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holger View Post
    Paraphrase from the comments:

    'Thank God I live in the UK where there isn't gun crime like in America. Sure, we have a lot of knife crime, but just imagine what it would be like if guns were actually available??'

    Er...less knife crime?
    Sadly this is the media generated hog wash that people believe over here IE If there are no guns there is no accidental deaths, no guns used in robberies, etc etc etc.
    The Scotish Governemnt are trying to ban airguns (British Government has control of firearms laws)
    Scottish ministers pledge to ban airguns | Shooting and field sports news, politics and legal | Shooting UK | Shooting UK

    Tint Bob (UK)

    Sorry I cannot seem to edit the title of this thread..... MOD perhaps???

    Scottish ministers pledge to ban airguns

    If the proposals are approved, ministers will look to overhaul current airgun legislation.


    By Barnaby Dracup

    Thursday, 25 June 2009

    Scottish ministers have vowed to ban airguns after a controversial new report recommends devolving airgun legislation from Westminster to Holyrood.

    Airgun legislation should be devolved to the Scottish Parliament, according to the controversial Calman Commission report, published on 15 June.

    Led by Sir Kenneth Calman, the report was an independent review of Scottish devolution since 1998.

    The recommendation comes after Scottish ministers made repeated attempts to get Westminster to ban airguns throughout the UK or to allow the Scottish government to legislate on the issue.

    A Scottish government spokesman explained that if the proposals are approved, ministers will look to overhaul current airgun legislation: “We are encouraged by the recommendation on airguns. We have maintained that airguns should be licensed to put them on a similar footing with other lethal firearms, but allowing for legitimate use. That is why we will continue to push for an overhaul of the whole firearms regime, to reform the licensing scheme to make it consistent and easier to understand and to enforce.”

    The spokesman added that the government does not wish to penalise legitimate airgun users, however: “There has been no change in policy with regard to legitimate uses. It is not being suggested that all airguns be removed from Scotland. Those who have a legitimate reason to hold them, such as for pest control or recognised sporting events, should still be allowed to do so. It is those who misuse airguns that we want to target.”

    Shooting organisations have said they will oppose any move to devolve power over airgun law to Scotland.

    BASC has maintained that different laws across the UK would create confusion, compromise law enforcement, do nothing for public safety and disadvantage the law-abiding shooting community.

    BASC’s Bill Harriman explained: “The call for devolution of firearms control powers is an overtly political initiative that is not evidentially based. Scottish statistics show a low level of firearms incidents, which are in decline. Education and enforcement of existing legislation is undoubtedly the best way to address any problems.”

    He added that existing laws should be better enforced: “The vast majority of people who use airguns do so lawfully and there are already sufficient powers available to deal with the small minority who break the law. BASC believes that a new airgun law that only applies in Scotland will be almost impossible to enforce and BASC will strongly argue against it.”

    The Scottish Countryside Alliance’s (SCA) Ross Montague pointed out legitimate airgun users, either for sport or pest control, are not the people committing airgun crimes. “We have put this point to the Scottish government many times and it is encouraging that it has taken this on board and does not seek to ban the legitimate use of airguns,” he said.

    The Scottish Gamekeepers Association’s (SGA) Alex Hogg said for most people who are involved in the sport of shooting, their introduction comes through air rifles and that when used responsibly they are extremely safe. “The SGA believes it is ridiculous to consider banning air rifles because they may fall into irresponsible hands and will oppose any move in that direction. The policy of banning hand pistols has simply led to illegal ownership and we believe the same would happen with air rifles,” said Mr Hogg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tint Bob View Post
    Sorry I cannot seem to edit the title of this thread..... MOD perhaps???

    Battle Plan (n) - a list of things that aren't going to happen if you are attacked.
    Blame it on Sixto - now that is a viable plan.

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    Any BB gun, sling shot, axe, knife...or any power tool for that matter involves the need for common sense and safety rules.
    You don't shoot others with a BB gun, nor pretend to stab with any tool.

    Kids do stupid things all the time...we've all been there, and we've all learned some 'safety' lessons. Unfortunately, these kids ran into some tough lessons.
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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