Assault rifles stolen from Ga. policecar

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Thread: Assault rifles stolen from Ga. policecar

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    Assault rifles stolen from Ga. policecar

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    The article...

    JONESBORO, Ga. (AP) - Clayton County police say they are looking for two assault rifles stolen from a police squad car.

    Clayton County Police Department spokeswoman Lt. Rebecca Brown says the police car was one of three broken into at the same apartment complex. Brown says the thieves tore open a door to get into the trunk. Brown says the two submachine guns were taken from the trunk in the Thursday night theft.

    She says the other two cars were a Clayton County Sheriffs Office patrol car and a civilian car. What was taken from those cars was not released.

    Yet another reason NOT to keep firearms in your vehicle...
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    Submachine guns? I'm tempted to dismiss this since the press doesn't know one gun from another. Whaddya think? Do they really have full autos in their trunk?

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    This happened several times in Orlando before I moved. Hmmmmmmmmm....
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    Uh-Oh! Not good. All we need to do now is find the responsible parties. Who's responsible for their weapons? Anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lance22 View Post
    Submachine guns?
    A burst/auto gun of the 9mm/.40/.45 flavor? Sure. I'd think they could be useful in some urban CQB situations.

    I'm tempted to dismiss this since the press doesn't know one gun from another.
    Generally speaking, that's true.

    Though, as .308's have value at certain scenes, so would subs.

    I'm sure the LEO's in the crowd could speak to this, from experience.

    This article seems a bit more specific:

    Assault Weapons Stolen from Police Cars

    Updated: Monday, 07 Sep 2009, 5:09 AM EDT
    Published : Monday, 07 Sep 2009, 5:09 AM EDT

    * Edited by Steve DIxon

    ATLANTA - High-powered assault weapons were stolen from police cars and a U.S. Army soldier's vehicle.

    The law enforcement and military gear could now be on the streets of metro Atlanta.

    Clayton County police want to find the person who broke into one of their squad cars and made off with some heavy weaponry.

    The SWAT officer was parked in his apartment complex off of Jonesboro road when the thieves struck early Thursday morning.

    Detectives said the robbers opened the car's drivers' side door and then popped the latch to get access to the trunk.

    Investigators said around the same time a sheriff deputy's vehicle was broken into a vehicle belonging to an army soldier were also broken into.

    According to the police report, missing are a MP5 machine gun, a Bushmaster XM15 machine gun, three bullet proof vests -- one of which says sheriff on the back -- another U.S. Army, and a military ID and a Kevlar helmet.

    Investigators are working hard to get the weapons and armor back where they belong.
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    Proof positive that a AWB is a waste of time. I'm sure they'll end up in the hands of some Mexican drug cartel.
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