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burglar shoot...sons friend

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Thread: burglar shoot...sons friend

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    And of course, the obligatory "he didn't need to shoot my son" statement from the mother.
    She feels there was no reason the homeowner should have shot her son. She thinks something else could have been done.
    I feel most sorry for the guy who pulled the trigger. Watching some of the videos, it's obvious that he is devastated by this. I hope he can get past it because he did absolutely noting wrong.

    And like others have said, if Alabama has a felony murder rule, the other two teenage criminal thugs should definitely be charged with murder.

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    Oh gee, is that you jonathan? I thought you and timmy were at the movies! Oh man, I was about to shoot you.Nevermind that. Its ok, go ahead and and tie me up with electrical tape, beat me near to death or have your way with me, then steal all my junk. I'll just put this silly thing down now.

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    I'm not sure this is a clean shoot as everyone else seems to think. But there aren't enough details to really know for sure...
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