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AD at a Gun Show?

This is a discussion on AD at a Gun Show? within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by hogdaddy Bad Deal He's lucky no charges are pending JMO H/D I believe a reckless endangerment or something similar charge was mentioned ...

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Thread: AD at a Gun Show?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hogdaddy View Post
    Bad Deal He's lucky no charges are pending JMO H/D
    I believe a reckless endangerment or something similar charge was mentioned on the tele.

    They also indicated the dealer has been banned for life from Crossroads of the West Gun shows.

    This was not an AD it was an ND on the part of the dealer and the lady that fired the gun.

    It should not have been loaded and the lady should have kept her finger off the trigger.
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    Absolutely ridiculous! We were at that show but were lucky enough to have left before this happened. I'm starting to think gun shows are the wrong place to be. They make you unload your gun before entering, I always find better prices at my local shops and ammo is cheaper online. Gunshow =

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    It was a dealers gun, Everybody there is a dealer if they buy a table. He in not a gun shop or a FFL holder, but he was a regular at the gun shows. But not anymore. He is banned for life!!!

    I talked to a few friends there and they said it was his personal firearm in a box with other guns and a someone was looking through the box and grabbed that gun and it went off.

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    Article says the vendor was "banned for life" from the event. Rightfully so.

    Article also says that the bullet grazed a lady's neck. If this is incorrect as gasmitty says, it needs to be changed in the article.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveH View Post
    Was the OC one another vender's gun or a customer's?
    You mean CO.....?

    It was a vendor.
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again ... This is why I wont go to gun shows. Too many idiots that I dont have control of. None of you will ever see me at a gun show.
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    When I was living in Mobile Alabama, myself and a buddy from work were at a large gun show when this very thing happened. We were walking along and the was a gun shot from not too far away from us. I hit the deck right away, then when no other shots rang out, I looked up into the face of another guy who hit the deck, we were facing each other. But, we were the only two! And we both had on hat proclaiming us as Veterans. Me from the Persian Gulf War and his said Vietnam. Everyone else, including my buddy were standing there with bewildered looks on their faces looking in the direction of the gun shot. (once again proving it is pretty easy under the right circumstances to see who's been shot at before )

    The shot was from a gun that some wingnut had brought in to sell and didn't unload. How he got it by the folks at the door who were supposed to be checking that kind of thing is beyond me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tinkerinWstuff View Post
    Yep Tpyo


    All the excuses for no CC at a gun show (and in gun shops) ignore that most of the AD/ND/UDs I have read about involve vendors' weapons, not customers.
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