Well watch out, in another situation you never know what could be happening; someone shooting or stabbing someone else could be an act of self-defense in progress, although it was probably fairly obvious in this case what was going on.

Anyway, sad to hear about the good Samaritan.
It was obvious. No sense in wasting time when you are watching someone plunge the blade into another. A man kneeling over a woman and repeatedly stabbing her leaves little to the imagination.

The good samaritan had good intentions that got him killed. While I do applaud his intent, it did little good because he did not have the skills to take care of the situation at hand.

At least he didnt stand around trying to dial 911 while watching. At least he was man enough to do something... he took his responsibility to act seriously enough to die for it. Somewhere it is written, "greater love hath no man than this...that he lay down his life for his friends".

A good outcome?

Nope. But certainly not the worst.