G-grandma and a .357

G-grandma and a .357

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Thread: G-grandma and a .357

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    G-grandma and a .357

    Now this is a good story:
    Area man killed in Ohio was wanted in STL County - STLtoday.com
    Area man killed in Ohio was wanted in STL County

    COLUMBUS, Ohio – A man shot to death this week when he tried to rob a family in their Ohio motel room was a parolee wanted in St. Louis County, the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch reported Friday.

    An arrest warrant had been issued for Wayne Winston, 25, of Florissant in August because he moved out of state without permission while on probation, Jacqueline Lapine, a spokeswoman for the Missouri Department of Corrections, told the newspaper.

    Authorities in Ohio say Winston was shot and killed Wednesday after he barged into a hotel room with a gun demanding money. There were six people in the room and they’d left the door open to the first-floor room so the adults in the room could stay within earshot of two girls in the room next door.

    One of the people in the room, a 70-year-old great-grandmother, reached into her purse on the floor, pulled out a .357-caliber Magnum pistol and shot Winston once in the chest, the newspaper reported.

    Winston stumbled to the parking lot, where he was later pronounced dead.

    The woman was interviewed at police headquarters and was released. Police have not identified her.

    Lapine told the Columbus Dispatch that Winston’s probation came after a December 2008 arrest in St. Louis County for first-degree tampering with a vehicle, a felony. Court records show that arrest was by Webster Groves police.

    Winston had just been released from prison three months before that arrest after serving seven years for crimes that included burglary, stealing a firearm and three counts of stealing a motor vehicle, Lapine said.

    Columbus police say they don’t expect to file charges against the woman who shot Winston but the case will be presented to a grand jury, the Dispatch reported. County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien said it is a long-standing policy to present any case of a death caused by a weapon to a grand jury, even if prosecutors are not seeking an indictment.
    I love a story with a good ending.

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    Go Granny!

    Leaving a motel door open is not a wise thing to do, but the dirtbag who ventured in with 'trouble' on his mind got exactly what he was looking for...
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    Good one.

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    Great job Granny, even though I'm not a fan of off-body carry
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    And from this report Granny has a BIGGER PAIR than her 51 year old son.

    By John Futty


    Police investigate last night's shooting.

    Read all the comments posted previously on this case
    Read the original Dispatch story on the shooting
    When an armed robber barged into a North Side motel room Wednesday night and ordered the six people there to the floor, he put a 70-year-old woman closer to her handgun.

    The great-grandmother knelt between the beds, reached into her purse on the floor and pulled out her .357 Magnum pistol.

    She fired one shot at the robber, who staggered from the room, collapsed in the parking lot and died.

    "It's a wonder she didn't shoot us all," said her 51-year-old son, who was preparing to hand over his cash when he heard the gunshot. "She's the worst shot in the world.

    "She said to me, 'God was with me tonight. You know I couldn't have done that myself.'"

    None of the family members, who live in Ironton, wanted to be identified, fearing retaliation; and the woman didn't want to be interviewed. They have moved to a different room in the motel.

    "She's torn all to pieces," her son said. "Who would ever want to shoot someone?"

    Wayne Winston, 25, died of a single gunshot wound in the chest, Franklin County Coroner Jan Gorniak said yesterday. Police listed his address as "streets of Columbus."

    The woman has a permit to carry a concealed gun, her son said, and carries the gun she inherited from her late husband.

    Asked to describe his mother, he said, "Religious. She's always been my hero."

    The family was staying in a first-floor room at the Continent Inn, near I-71 and Rt. 161, while attending the All-American Quarter Horse Congress. The son said he was in the room with his mother, his wife, his daughter and son-in-law and a family friend.

    The door was partially open so the adults could stay within earshot of two girls, ages 12 and 17, in the room next door.

    The son said the door flew open shortly after 9 p.m. and they found themselves confronted by a man who pointed a black handgun at them and said, "Everybody here knows what the game is." He told them to get on the floor and began demanding money from the son and his son-in-law, who were closest to the door. The gunman seemed angry that the son-in-law had only $14.

    "I was going into my pocket for money" when a shot rang out and the gunman ran from the room, the son said. "I thought I was shot. I didn't realize my mother had shot him. It was mass chaos."

    He still wasn't sure what had happened when he went outside and saw the intruder's body in the parking lot. Then he heard a second shot. His mother, the gun at her side, had tensed up and "squeezed off another shot into the floor," he said.

    Columbus police don't expect to file charges against the woman but said the case probably will be presented to a Franklin County grand jury as a routine procedure. The son said the officers who met with his family were "extremely supportive."

    He has a horse farm and is attending the Quarter Horse Congress to watch his 21-year-old daughter compete and to support others who train at his farm.

    Word of the shooting spread quickly yesterday among those attending the event, which is in its third and final week at the Ohio Expo Center.

    "That's a hell of a woman," said George Wyeth, 63, of Claysville, Pa. "I don't blame her a bit. You pull a gun on someone, you ought to get shot."

    "I give her a lot of credit," said Beverly Hicks, 77, of Perrysburg in northwestern Ohio, who doesn't know many people her age who carry guns. "I'd be afraid to carry a gun."

    Police Sgt. Ken Tischler, a community liaison officer, said armed robberies of motel guests near the Continent are rare, but he had warned people attending the Congress about a rash of vehicle break-ins at motels in the I-71 and Rt. 161 area - 102 thefts from autos between mid-August and late September.

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    Great story.

    Reminds me I need to instruct my family what to say to the press after a shooting ("nothing"). Especially those family members who don't quite Get It...

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    Go, great-grandma. Yup, I'd rather travel with her than with her son, who apparently was going to pay up, get on the floor, and hope the BG showed him enough mercy to let him live.

    Good on great-grandma for carrying, doing so legally, decisive reaction, great shot placement, and refusing to be a victim.

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    Good for her. Also a good reason to get those hotels with those in-between doors between neighboring rooms. It's always a bad idea to keep your door open in hotels and motels. Everytime I stay in one, I always see people who keep their door open. Some wide open, some just kind of open. It's still the same either way. It's especially weird for me walking somehere and being able to see completely inside someone's hotel room. It just feels weird, almost like having full view of the inside of a stranger's home. Not sure how some people turn off common sense, especially when they need it the most - on vacation.

    Anyway, not blaming these guys really, since some hotel rooms don't have doors between rooms.

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    This is a dup thread.

    As I said in the other thread, the area this happened is use to be a great spot, nice place to hang out. Now, it is full of drug dealers and prostitutes. The same motel this happened at, is a know spot for the hookers to have rooms and take their Johns, several have been busted there.
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    Don't be messin' wif dem grandmas yo!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    judgement to keep himself out of situations that would require a display of his
    superior skills."

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    One of the reasons my wife insist in only staying in the upper scale Hotels when she's traveling with me. She will not stay in any Hotel/ Motel that has doors to the outside.

    Great going Granny.
    One shot, and BG gets an early retirement from his profession.

    Too bad about the extra hole in the floor later though!

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    Too bad about the extra hole in the floor later though!
    That is probably why they stay on the ground floor.

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    Amazing story. Just think about what needed to happen for that outcome.

    1. She had the presence of mind, calmness, and composure to get her gun out and aim it without fumbling it or dropping it.
    2. The BG had to not notice her aiming at him
    3. Precise shot to the chest

    I agree I think God was with her.

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    Put down by Granny with a .357.... Dang, Now that's justice.

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    Well, Granny stopped his stealing and criminal career...... with due justification I'ld say.

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