By Deanne Donnelly (9/15/03)

Are you prepared to protect yourself if your life is in danger?
Over the weekend, a Tucson man shot and killed two intruders in his home.
In this KGUN 9 Safety Team Report, Deanne Donnelly shows us what legal options you have in a threatening situation.

Andy Schot has owned a gun since he was eight years old.
Schot says if his life were in danger he wouldn\'t hesitate to use it.
In fact, one time he almost did.
A stranger climbed through a bedroom window, luckily the man saw the gun and left.

Andy Schot says, \"The person was much bigger than I was much stronger than I was. You try to defend yourself as much as possible but there\'s always that circumstance where a firearm is the last resort and the only resort in some cases.\"

There are four circumstances when Arizona law permits you to use deadly force against another person.
In self defense, to defend another person, to prevent certain crimes like murder, burglary or sexual assault, and if you are a law enforcement officer.

Deanne Donnelly says, \"According to the Pima County Attorney\'s office, you may use deadly force by using something like a gun, knife or baseball bat, only if someone else attempts to use deadly force against you.\"

This past weekend, Wesley Stevens used a revolver inside his home to shoot and kill two men he says beat him with a scissor jack.

If you don\'t have a weapon, and you feel your life is threatened, Karate instructor Bill Damon says there are self defense techniques you can use that will both stun and seriously injure or kill an attacker.

Bill Damon says, \"As he comes into attack we take them down and strike the solar plexus which will now knock the wind out of him and he won\'t want to attack anymore. Now inducing unconsciousness you can punch him in the temple you can strike him in the throat.\"

It’s important to remember; generally the use of force is prohibited.

Under Arizona law, you may not use force if someone calls you a name, if a peace officer arrests you, or if you are the aggressor and provoke a situation.