Weird, yet interesting...

Weird, yet interesting...

This is a discussion on Weird, yet interesting... within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; From the Miami-Herald MIAMI-DADE BUS 'BOMBER' CHASED BY RIDER WITH GUN A Hispanic man boarded a Metrobus near the Miami International Mall on Friday afternoon, ...

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Thread: Weird, yet interesting...

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    Weird, yet interesting...

    From the Miami-Herald



    A Hispanic man boarded a Metrobus near the Miami International Mall on Friday afternoon, lugging a roll-on suitcase and speaking excitedly in Spanish.

    The bus driver doesn't speak a word of Spanish. But one of her passengers did.

    The translation: ''[He] said he had a bomb in the luggage,'' said Miami-Dade police spokeswoman Nelda Fonticiella.

    That's when it really got interesting: Another passenger pulled out a gun and pointed it at the would-be bomber. The man, in a black shirt and olive shorts and still dragging the suitcase behind him, took off running -- with the armed passenger in pursuit.

    The two were last seen running toward the mall, at Northwest 107th Avenue and 14th Street.

    No one was hurt, police said.

    ''When the police got there, everyone was gone,'' Fonticiella said.
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    Only today apparently a flight out of Chicago was diverted to Denver, when a passenger announced he had a bomb. He was ''subdued'' they say by the other passengers!

    True or false, anyone dumb enough to announce they have a bomb is asking for trouble these days - which not surprisingly could include from a legal CCW.
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    anyone that is stupid enough to claim that he has a bomb ought to be shot on the spot...immediately.

    that would take care of that crap.

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    I hear that...
    Anybody dumb enough or "SICK" enough to say they have a bomb after 9/11 should just get dropped on the foolin' around.

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    I love to see passengers taking initiative to subdue some of these guys. Hopefully the experience will make them want to take responsibility for their own defense further and buy a gun and/or start carrying.....
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    I agree, any threat of a bomb and the person should be "dropped" immediately! I just hope that the press surrounding things like that when they happen doesn't result in hesitation. The killing of the "bomber" by the Air Marshals got some second guessing and mixed press.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bumper
    I love to see passengers taking initiative to subdue some of these guys.

    Hopefully with a whole lot of

    and maybe some more

    And then some for good measure.

    Then maybe a just to make sure they understand they picked the wrong plane.

    Oh yeah, did I say I hope they kick his butt.
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    I don't see anything wrong with vigilante justice in cases like this.

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