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Dad Locked Kids in Trunk while he goes shopping

This is a discussion on Dad Locked Kids in Trunk while he goes shopping within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; It's not a good idea to put anyone in the trunk... unless your sneaking in the Drive-In movies *think 50's 60's*...

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Thread: Dad Locked Kids in Trunk while he goes shopping

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    It's not a good idea to put anyone in the trunk...
    unless your sneaking in the Drive-In movies *think 50's 60's*

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheShadow View Post
    It's not a good idea to put anyone in the trunk...
    unless your sneaking in the Drive-In movies *think 50's 60's*
    Been there done that.
    Did you ever slowly back in the exit? It actualy worked for a while.
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    A friend of mine had a brother who was handicapped and one day while his brother was out with some organized activity the director of the activity decided that it would be to difficult to take the handicapped boy with her so she left him in the car. He was unable to open the door and let himself out. He died as the heat in the car got up to 160 degrees.

    P.S. My Dad use to have us ride in the trunk on the way into the drive in movies but we were in there for 5 minutes and drove 5 miles and hour threw the gate.

    This father on the other hand is guilty of endangerment and neglect for leaving the kids.
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    Well the kids might have put the back seat down somehow and crawled in, managed to close the backseat back up and it latched haha..

    How would the cops even begin to believe the father on that one?

    Seriously come on.. he is a big ole dummy for this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GunnyBunny View Post
    What year Trans Am?

    Weren't most of them hatchbacks and didn't have trunks per se?
    That was my first thought.

    Modern era post 80s TAs are all hatchbacks and do not have a trunk at all. They have a rear storage compartment that is part of the entire interior overall.

    1997 Pontiac Trans Am WS6 Ram Air
    Note: Click on the "Trunk" image

    Further roughly 25 yrs. ago I worked for a guy who drove an early 90s Corvette.
    I had a major tire failure one night while on the way home from locking up his business and was stuck at the side of the road.
    Upon being able to call him at home he came to pick me up in his Vette....With his GF.
    He told her to get in the back, and she did!!!, and I sat in the passenger seat.

    We drove on the highway and some 20m with her like that in the rear, including a fuel stop!, and she didn't complain once.
    In fact she conversated with us the whole time like it was normal to be riding back there on her side looking like a piece of human shrimp.

    Needless to say dude was not known for being the most respectful of persons toward women.

    Anyway my point being I could see how children would enjoy riding in the 'trunk' of a car as a hatchback.
    As well I could see how a dad would lock _the car_ overall and not specifically the trunk as he went into a store leaving the kids behind to horse around.
    I can also see how and why he would plead not guilty.

    Not an activity I personally would choose to do.
    But I could not condemn the guy for it either.

    Volvo has been offering exact same as a factory option toward specifically kids for literally generations...

    ...As is also in the 'trunk'.

    - Janq

    P.S. - Here is a far more egregious and IMHO non-excusable example of same.

    "...nine people were crammed inside the car when police pulled them over on Monday. They told police they were on their way home from a family reunion. That trip was from Salem to Petersburg- more than 175 miles. When police looked in the trunk they saw three children, ages 13, 9, and 11, all lying in the trunk. Six more people, including another child, were in the actual body of the vehicle."
    Source -
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post
    After the mother called police in worry of the missing child, the police found the car beside the road and the child died from the heat, and pulled all of her hair out during the process of imminent death.
    Something like that lives with me forever, and in general reinforces my dislike for most of my fellow human beings, and what they are capable of.

    Same situation happened around here a while ago, and I am in agreement with RamRods feelings.
    Hesitation kills faster than a bullet.
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    Slightly off topic but many years ago my brother went to sleep way camp for the summer so I asked my GF to watch his hamster. The day before my brother came home, I picked up the hamster and on way home from GF house I saw a old high school friend and went into a his house to catch up. I completly forgot about the furry guy in the back seat. Yep,he was dead when I got back.

    People not a pretty site seeing a baked hamster,haunts me to this day.

    I had to explain to my brother the next day what happened. Yep, the pet store was closed or I would have done the old switch a roo.

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    When I was 11, my uncle and his family were leaving after visiting us in CA from UT. While they weren't looking, I crawled into the trunk and hid to pull a prank.

    When they started the car up, I banged on the side with a wrench. When they turned it off, I stopped. When they turned it on again, I banged until the engine was shut off. I could hear them as they checked the engine and then started the car. I began banging again.

    Eventually they discovered me. My mother was NOT happy.

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