Dad Locked Kids in Trunk while he goes shopping

Dad Locked Kids in Trunk while he goes shopping

This is a discussion on Dad Locked Kids in Trunk while he goes shopping within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Dad Locked Kids in Trunk, FALL RIVER, Mass. (Nov. 27) - Massachusetts police say a man locked his two young sons in the trunk of ...

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Thread: Dad Locked Kids in Trunk while he goes shopping

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    Dad Locked Kids in Trunk while he goes shopping

    Dad Locked Kids in Trunk,
    FALL RIVER, Mass. (Nov. 27) - Massachusetts police say a man locked his two young sons in the trunk of his car while he ran an errand.

    Fall River police say Michael Monahan put his kids, ages 3 and 6, in the trunk of his Pontiac Trans Am for several minutes Tuesday morning while he went inside a sailing shop.

    According to court records, Monahan told investigators the boys like to play in the trunk. <---who doesn't?

    The 35-year-old Monahan pleaded not guilty Wednesday to assault and reckless endangerment of a child. He was released on cash bail.

    A broadcast from WPRI-TV showed Monahan's attorney telling a judge that his client loves his children.

    The children are in the custody of their mother. <---Ya Think?

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    This guy must have had an 'atomic brain fart'.
    Why would anyone lock their kids in a trunk?
    They could have easily gone into the store with they won't be going anywhere with him.
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    I will continue to say this, it's the dumbing down of America folks, pure and simple.
    "I dislike death, however, there are some things I dislike more than death. Therefore, there are times when I will not avoid danger" Mencius"

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    When I was about that age, my dad put me and my sister in the trunk and drove around the parking lot. We had a blast! Then he stopped to pick mom up from the store belonging to the parking lot we'd just driven around, while sis and I giggled and snorted and whispered at each other to be quiet. Mom asked, "Where are the girls?" and we howled with glee.

    What a shame there weren't agents of the state around to drag my dad off to jail for that. I'm scarred for life...

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    When I was a kid in the 40's my grandfather had a 36 Chevy coupe. It would seat 3. After my dad died grandpa was the only means of transport for my mother and 3 sisters. I being the youngest and smallest would lay on the shelf behind the seat and my 3 sisters rode in the trunk. Grandpa always set a 2x4 in a position to prevent the lid closing tight.
    If we had as many busy bodies back then poking uninformed noses into everybodies business my grandparents and mother would have been put in jail and my sisters and I in to an orphanage.

    All I can say is thank God for a little common sense back then. We need a bit more of it now but I don't think we will find enough till too late.
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    Seriously where is the endangernment,If it is true and the kids like playing in the trunk,they aren't gonna run out of air and nobody can steal them
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    What year Trans Am?

    Weren't most of them hatchbacks and didn't have trunks per se?
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    I played in the trunk of the car when I was a kid. Agree with dukkalmight; really where is the endangerment? Uh, charged with assault? Strange, unless there is a lot more to the story.

    Also, enjoyed Pax's post.

    Lots of factors involved though. If the weather is too hot (not likely this time of year), or truly too cold (possible but not likely this time of year), and the episode lasted only a short while and the kids weren't upset, I see no big deal about it.

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    I have a friend who pulled into a mall parking lot and opened the trunk of her car to get the stroller out. Her kid (a toddler at the time) was screaming and throwing some kind of fit, because he was a brat by nature and he threw screaming and kicking fits A LOT (and she didn't do anything to control him).

    She was trying to juggle him and at the same get the stroller out of the trunk. So she lifted him up out of the parking lot, where he was throwing the fit, and stood him in the opened trunk while she was trying to manuever the stroller out of the trunk. Whe she got it ready, she then lift him back out of the car trunk and into the stroller (still screaming like a banshee).

    Some "do-gooder" only witnessed the part of her lifting him out of the trunk and putting him screaming, into the stroller.

    A day or so later, she was at her home, cooking dinner and a knock came to her door. She answered and it was someon from child protective services.

    Someone reported her for locking her kid in the trunk. She explained what really happened and the CPS person was "ok" with it. She said someone had taken her license plate and that's how they tracked her down and they were obligated to follow up with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Why would anyone lock their kids in a trunk?
    They could have easily gone into the store with him...
    He was buying their Christmas gift. That would have spoiled the surprise.
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    When they were younger there were a few times I would have liked to lock my kids in the trunk. Especially on long trips! Heck, I'd still like to do it sometimes, and they're in their 30's now!

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    You know...several years ago and close to here, a father and his friend went spelunking and parked the car just off the highway while they had the father's two year old girl in the car and left her to bake in it during the summer while they had fun. After the mother called police in worry of the missing child, the police found the car beside the road and the child died from the heat, and pulled all of her hair out during the process of imminent death.
    Something like that lives with me forever, and in general reinforces my dislike for most of my fellow human beings, and what they are capable of.

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    I don't know why he couldn't have just chained them to a lamp post in the parking lot like my Mom used to do with me when she had to run in shopping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GunnyBunny View Post
    What year Trans Am?

    Weren't most of them hatchbacks and didn't have trunks per se?
    Just what I was wondering. I've owned a few, (Camaro's too - same car, really), and they've all been hatchbacks. A kid could easily climb from the back seat into the trunk area, and back.

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    Maybe we should have hitching posts outside stores again..... for kids though.....
    I'm kinda with a few diff. folks on this....... riding in the trunk WHILE someone is in the car is TOTALLY diff. than locking them in there while away from the car.....
    Though we now know that riding in the trunk may be dangerous...... as is lead paint, un-potected sex, and heroin........ But we all lived through it when we did it!!
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