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Did anyone just watch Fox News

This is a discussion on Did anyone just watch Fox News within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by tns0038 Same here in Florida… I think there is over $700,000 of us now. That would be a big news paper to ...

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Thread: Did anyone just watch Fox News

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    Quote Originally Posted by tns0038 View Post
    Same here in Florida… I think there is over $700,000 of us now.
    That would be a big news paper to hold all
    interesting... how much is that per person?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shooterX View Post
    Man that's real annoying. Thankfully South Carolina has a law which protects the identities of CWP holders.
    I hope your right...

    I've been wondering what this means on SLEDS website:

    SECTION 23-31-215. Issuance of permits.

    (I) SLED must maintain a list of all permit holders and the current status of each permit. Upon request, SLED must release the list of permit holders or verify an individual’s permit status. SLED may charge a fee not to exceed its costs in releasing the information under this subsection.

    Just who are they releasing this list to

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    One of the reasons I got the non-resident Florida permit was the state law bars publication of the names of permit holders. That plus it is a state far away from my home makes it unlikely my carry permit will become public knowledge.

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    They (the newspapers) started to do the same thing here when CC was legalized. However, our good Legislature went right back in and passed a law making the "list" of CC licensed people to be private and any disclosure of people with a conceal carry license would be a crime.

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    If anyone wants to see the clip, it's here:

    Fox News on the Indiana handgun permit database Gun Nuts Media

    I think Caleb Giddings did a nice job presenting the pro-gun, pro-privacy side.

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    Mstrkage & pax are right. There seems to be some debate as to whether what they are doing is constitutional or not. There was a big right-in/email thing going on, gun owners and the NRA asking locals to contact the publisher and the businesses that advertised in The Herald. I wrote in, did my daily duty for the 1st and 2nd amendments. Imagine the furor if they posted a list of another minority, oh, say, how about homosexuals, or Jews. I can hear the ACLU now...
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    Well, the BG's could check the data base to be sure that the owner of the house they plan to hit, doesn't have a gun permit..... LOL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saint77 View Post
    Please tell me its Delaware.

    One of our(my wife and I) biggest concerns was this type of nonsense. We have reason to stay anonymous. Apparently, victems of crimes seems to be on the same level as offenders.
    Nope - I live in Wood. Lucas County in conjunction with the Toledo Blob is the county in question. The Blob refers to itself as one of America's great Newspapers. In my opinion, if you took John Robinson Block's brain out of his head and put it on the edge of a razor blade it would approximate a #2 Buckshot rolling down I-75.

    We have a very supportive Sheriff's Department here in Wood County. Lucas, on the other hand, has Carty Finkbiener as it's Mayor. He's the guy who didn't want the Marines to hold a Disaster Drill in Toledo because it might upset the residents. Yeah, it might - in the near downtown area.
    "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups"

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    Actually, it is illegal to do that in FL.

    Sounds like someone needs to begin posting addresses, pictures of houses and family members or editors and reporters...I'm just sayin'...
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    Thank God that our legislators made the personal info private when they did the CCW law.
    Those newspapers that do the dastardly deed of printing names and addys of permit holders just helped abused people to be found by their abusers once again. These newspapers really tick me off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saber View Post
    I don't believe that would ever go over here in Arizona, since practically every man, woman and child has a permit. No, in reality I simply don't get it and I don't see any useful purpose of such a list. Might as well publish a list of people prescribed with pain medication.
    I can see it now -- A lawsuit is brought by the permit holder who is mistakenly left off the published list. As a result his reputation is ruined. Everyone now believes that he is an anti-gun wuss.
    Live every day so that you can, with a clear conscience, look all men in their eyes and tell them to go to hell.

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    I could not imagine something like this happening to me and my family.

    it would not happen in my area, but if it did...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eagleks View Post
    They (the newspapers) started to do the same thing here when CC was legalized. However, our good Legislature went right back in and passed a law making the "list" of CC licensed people to be private and any disclosure of people with a conceal carry license would be a crime.
    Way to go Kansas! I was relieved to hear this.

    One of the great advantages to concealed carry is the element of surprise. I can't imagine the general public having access to this information.

    Say I'm listed... little Johnny learned to read and was scoping out this list. He's picks a few places and he and his gayng watch the houses then notices me and my family throw some luggage in the trunk and leave. My house is now a prime target for a break-in with little Johnny and his boys looking for firearms-thanks press for giving Johnny a heads-up.

    I had refrained from putting NRA stickers on my cars, wearing gun related apparrell, posting the "I'm a bitter gun owner and I vote" sign in my yard, I've talked with my kids about not letting all their classmates know that we have guns in the house, I'm a little picky about who I talk guns with, and I've been resisting the urge to open carry so I could spend over $300.00 to be able to carry a concealed firearm legally and discreetly so I can feel a little safer without scaring the sheeple.

    Now because the press thinks they have the right, they have painted me a criminal even thought the AG says I'm most definately not, and oh yeah my home was broken into and some of my most prized possesions were stolen. Also little Johnny and his gayng have guns now-thanks.

    It could happen....

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    With great power comes great responsibility.-Stan Lee

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    I use to live in Bloomington and if I still did and the "Horrible-Terrible" published my name I WOULD get pictures of the editor, his family and home and along with a GOOGLE map to his home and a statement that he was anti-gun and probable unarmed and easy pickings and spread flyers around the less desirable neighborhoods. Public information and all that don't-cha-know!!!

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