BAD: Stupid, Stupid, Stupid - Tucson, AZ

BAD: Stupid, Stupid, Stupid - Tucson, AZ

This is a discussion on BAD: Stupid, Stupid, Stupid - Tucson, AZ within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Trial opens for Tucson woman, 25, charged with first-degree murder in 2008 shooting | ® A 25-year-old Tucson woman who shot a younger woman ...

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Thread: BAD: Stupid, Stupid, Stupid - Tucson, AZ

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    BAD: Stupid, Stupid, Stupid - Tucson, AZ

    Trial opens for Tucson woman, 25, charged with first-degree murder in 2008 shooting | ®

    A 25-year-old Tucson woman who shot a younger woman five times in the torso in July 2008 was only acting in self-defense, her attorney told jurors Tuesday.

    Tamara Maxwell is charged with first-degree murder in the July 3, 2008, death of Karina Gonzales, 21, and opening statements were held Tuesday in Pima County Superior Court.
    Defense attorney Brian Metcalf told jurors Maxwell was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Gonzales was romantically involved with two people in July 2008 — former girlfriend, Robbyn Kollasch, and new boyfriend, Julian Garcia, Metcalf said.

    On July 2, 2008, Gonzales and Kollasch had been arguing about the future of the threesome's relationship.Kollasch and Maxwell, who was an acquaintance, went out, Metcalf said and when they returned to the east side home early the next morning, an even more heated fight broke out.

    When Maxwell tried to calm the pair down, Metcalf said, Gonzales grabbed a vase and Maxwell shot as the other woman advanced toward her. Gonzales kept coming after Maxwell even after the first shot, so Maxwell kept shooting, Metcalf said. "It wasn't until after the final shot that Karina stopped her advance," she said.

    Deputy Pima County Attorney Mark Diebolt told jurors the evidence will show Gonzales was not a threat and Maxwell's actions were intentional and premeditated. Maxwell didn't call 911, she forced police to find her, Diebolt said.

    Maxwell also hid the gun after the shooting, and forced Kollasch to make up a story about a home invasion to cover up her actions, Diebolt said.

    When Maxwell was arrested, she didn't tell police she acted in self-defense until hours into the interview, Diebolt said.
    Jurors were not told Maxwell is also waiting to go trial in a second shooting that took place two days prior to Gonzales' death.
    Maxwell is accused of shooting a man in the stomach on July 1, 2008. He survived.
    Wow, just wow. Not calling 911, hiding the gun, and forcing an acquaintance to make up a story does not lead one to think "Self-Defense."

    And shooting someone else just two days beforehand?

    Sounds like this woman needs to go away for a long time.
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    Sounds real sketchy to me, especially since she shot someone else two days before.

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    In a way I almost envy her attorney. If the evidence does support the prosecutors version what is her lawyer supposed to do? I mean really, if she is convicted after five minutes of deliberation and the judge throws the book at her, who can blame it on ineffective counsel?
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    Based on the story, she should go away for only several months. At the end of which, she should be executed.
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    she sounds like a menace to society.

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    Pretty simple...
    Ya' can't fix stupid...
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    Doesn't sound good for her

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    E-ticket to the slammer...

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    Two shoots in two days.

    Yeah, I'd say her days of toting are over, as well as some freedom. Dumber than a bag of hammers.

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    Yeah I agree with the other responses......Even if we ignore the fact that she just shot someone else the day before..... Only guilty people hide guns, make up stories and run from police.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by shooterX View Post
    Sounds real sketchy to me, especially since she shot someone else two days before.
    Yep, this never looks good on a resumé.
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    Even if it was a justified shoot once she started the cover up she was screwed. Well Ms Maxwell the reason Tamara isn't doing well in school is....well she's stupid. Who does she think she is, O.J?
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