OK Sheriff Found Guilty In Federal Court

OK Sheriff Found Guilty In Federal Court

This is a discussion on OK Sheriff Found Guilty In Federal Court within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; In the past several years two Oklahoma sheriffs have been found guilty in federal court for having sex with inmates or women in the sheriff's ...

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Thread: OK Sheriff Found Guilty In Federal Court

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    OK Sheriff Found Guilty In Federal Court

    In the past several years two Oklahoma sheriffs have been found guilty in federal court for having sex with inmates or women in the sheriff's drug court program. Authorities in OK have no inclination to clean up the mess in their own back yards. The feds always have to do it.

    Former Sheriff Convicted On Sex Charges - NewsOn6.com - Tulsa, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports - KOTV.com |

    The Case of the 'Busted' Sheriff

    On November 23, 2005 Melvin Holly was sentenced to twenty-five years in federal prison for sexually abusing and threatening county jail inmates. Media reports at the time of Holly's sentencing quoted US Attorney Sheldon Sperling as indicating Holly was given the sentence with no chance for parole.

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    Pretty scary stuff for young girls locked up on petty drug charges...this dirtbag with a badge got exactly what he deserved, and now he'll probably die in jail.
    Certainly not a problem for me. Sadly though, taxpayers now have to fund the lawsuits.
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    I’m confident similar stuff happens more than what’s reported. It’s not uncommon for people to offer themselves up in exchange for favors. I’ve known LEO’s that were proposition simply to avoid a traffic citation. It happens both ways.
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    When the potector turns predator it's time to put him down. It seems like so many people let some stupid urge ruin thier life. How stupid can you be? How little self control can a person have? From school teachers to former presidents. Here's a thought, it is not alright to use your offical position for personal gain.
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    We saw specific women who often tried to get jailers into a sexual situation, because then they could threaten to turn them in if they didn't get this or that. A couple fell for it, and got fried.

    It can be happen both ways.......

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    It does happen both ways, we had someone get fired for getting a "show" from some of the females. But anyone convicted of sexual abuse, especially someone that used their position of authority, should be locked away for a long, long time.
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    I'm glad he was found out and dealt with. An oath is a precious and binding thing, and his activities fell well outside "to serve and protect". To bad that the Feds have to get involved, this sort of thing should be dealt with much earlier.
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    It happened quite frequently in Calif State Prison for Women in Frontera, CA. We fired an average of one per month. We put one idiot in Prison for raping an inmate. The inmates girlfriend always turned the guy in. Jealousy is cold hearted.
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    He forgot one of his requirements for employment - be of good morale charactrer. I hope that he doesn't mind having sex with inmates for the next 25 years.
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    Maybe now he'll find out how it feels on the other end of the cell door, as he's introduced to Bubba, his new best buddy.
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