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    Not good.

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    Yikes, even in Mayberry it's getting dangerous. Hopefully the officer recovers well. The suspect is dead. That's good.
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    This is pretty close to me. In fact, my group has trained these officers. Mt. Orab is a small country town. They typically hire young, fresh out of the academy officers hoping to gain experience so they can move on to better paying departments.

    Both of these officers are young. Everything I've heard so far is that they did things right. There is a little more to the story than whats being reported (as usual), I hope to be out there later this week looking at the entire case.
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    Was there a story to go with the un-annotated slide show? That's all I could get from the link.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gasmitty View Post
    Was there a story to go with the un-annotated slide show? That's all I could get from the link.
    Go to the WLWT website and the full story is there. Some of the comments are...well...let's use the word "interesting". Many are quite positive and well-thought out. Good small-town sentiment. On the other hand, a couple of the relatives of the shooter who had his birth-certificate revoked? They seem to be a bit spelling/grammer challenged and are intent on defending his "good name".
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    Mt. Orab Officer Shot, Man Killed In 'Ambush' - Cincinnati News Story - WLWT Cincinnati

    MOUNT ORAB, Ohio --
    A Mt. Orab police officer is recovering after an "ambush" at the police department overnight, officials said.

    Police said the incident started earlier Saturday night when George Ruby was stopped on suspicion of drunken driving.

    IMAGES: Scene Photos

    Investigators said the police were called to a McDonald's at about 1 a.m. Sunday in response to an intoxicated man. Police said a customer had called in to complain about the man.

    Another customer told News 5 that Ruby was making threats.

    Officers said they detained Ruby at the scene and called his wife to pick him up. Later on, investigators said the officers saw Ruby driving his truck on North High Street.

    Ruby was arrested, booked into jail and later released, according to police.

    [Officer Christopher Hodges]
    Officer Christopher Hodges
    Investigators said Ruby later returned to the station on South High Street with a gun and "ambushed" the officers, shooting Officer Justin Conley in the back at about 4 a.m.

    Officer Christopher Hodges returned fire, shooting and killing Ruby, police said.

    Officials said multiple shots were fired and there is damage to a police station window and a cruiser.

    Conley was wearing a bulletproof vest, and was treated and released from the hospital, police said.

    "He's like a son. Five years on the department, happy go lucky guy, not the guy you think this is going to happen to. You know it could happen, you don't want it to happen to you," Mt. Orab police Chief Bryan Mount said.

    Officers said only Conley and Hodges were on duty in Mt. Orab at the time, and that they were both involved with Ruby's arrest earlier in the evening.

    [Officer Justin Conley]
    Officer Justin Conley
    "There was a fair amount of damage done to the building, but can all be replaced. The big thing that we're happy about, is that our officer is OK," Lt. John Black said.

    Mt. Orab officials said they do not believe they had any contact with Ruby before.

    Ruby's family said that he was not a violent man and he was known for his laughter and humor. They said the incident is out of character and that Ruby had fallen on a string of bad luck recently.

    The Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation out of Columbus will be handling the investigation.
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    Scary stuff. Not to far from me at all.

    The perp being 61 years old surprised me. His being drunk and out of work did not.
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    Happy that officer had his body armor on.....and bravo zulu on the 'revoking' of his birth certificate!

    Hope both officers recover and are back 10-8 soonest!
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    Quote: "They said the incident is out of character and that Ruby had fallen on a string of bad luck recently."

    Once again, people are making excuses for criminal behavior. Why is it never just a stupid move or a bad decision? It is always "something caused this person to do something bad so it isn't their fault."
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    ..."Ruby's family said that he was not a violent man and he was known for his laughter and humor."...

    Isn't this often the case? My signature quote sure seems to apply to a few of these. Heck, I didn't even notice the post by 'BigStick' before I essentially stated the same thing. In the end, it simply doesn't matter how nice we were, prior to shooting a cop!
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    For a young officer, Hodges did very well to end the confrontation. Sure glad Conley was wearing body armor!
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    I know a lot of people out of work and their luck seems to be on the downside,but they don't get drunk and cause trouble at mcdonalds,then have some nice cops call their wife to come get them,only to decide they need to drive around town drunk and get arrested and then released.Now they decide they are gonna go kill the cops that cut me a break.I have 0 sympathy for this scumbag
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    Around here they keep them overnight and call the family to come get the vehicle. Seems like a good policy, since drunks are not wearing their thinking caps.

    This guy was one year short of social security. Must have been partly suicide by cop.

    The officers have been traumatized. For that I am sorry and wishing their swift complete recovery.

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