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Concealed Permit Holder cuffed for officers "safety"

This is a discussion on Concealed Permit Holder cuffed for officers "safety" within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; geez........ IMO went way too far, I would have had him stand in a position for his safety such as back behind a car or ...

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Thread: Concealed Permit Holder cuffed for officers "safety"

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    IMO went way too far, I would have had him stand in a position for his safety such as back behind a car or something in case dirtbag comes out of building while we were waiting for the backup officer

    I understand and condone the safety of the officer, such as the law allowing us to disarm if we believe its necessary....but on someone with a permit and the CALLER of the incident in question...NO FREAKIN WAY!!!! ABSOLUTELY NOT

    interesting similar incident at work last week, here is how we handled the armed citizen.....
    got sent to a possible home burglary in progress where the homeowner and her BF came home after dinner to discover the house lights on (left them all off when leaving) and when they opened front door saw items scattered about obviously by burglars and they saw curtains that had been moved around and looked like the dirtbag(s) were hiding behind them; the BF was holding at the doorway with a gun
    we get there and the homeowner is behind their truck in the driveway, BF is at front door with an AR-15 holding what they believe is dirtbag behind curtain
    I chamber a round in the 870, me & first officer wait for 3rd officer to get in position in the alley all the while the BF is still at the doorway covering the living room/curtain
    our supervisor joins us in clearing the house, nobody in there but it sure did look like someone standing behind the curtain

    the only thing we asked was that when we got ready to get to the doorway and make entry that he get to the driveway with his GF and put the rifle in the truck in case other officers arrived while we were in the house

    oh, and as for the reading of rights.....we only read them when we want to talk to them for information/questions, if we don't want to attempt to gain info then we don't read them, don't have to, 9 out of 10 arrests I don't read 'em, but we always make sure we tell them they are under arrest so they are informed of that in case they resist
    most people don't know that just because you sit in the back seat or have cuffs placed on doesn't mean you're arrested, you're not under arrest until you are told you are under arrest
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eagleks View Post
    An officer got shot here and kiled, from a 'fake' call. I think if she had taken the gun and had control of it, there was no reason for the handcuffs. The handcuff part is what I have an issue with here.
    I have no problem with being disarmed either.

    It's that handcuffing portion also, leaving me defenseless with no way to defend myself, not in todays society. It's like those ducks at a shooting carnival.
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    Sounds like a female Officer wanting to play Cop,but is scared poopless everytime she meets the public.She will either quit on her own after an Incident that makes her realise Cops get hurt and killed doing their jobs.Hopefully before she gets another Officer killed or Injured because she freezes up
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    Interview=Miranda rights not needed.
    One more step and it's on!

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