Good reason to own a gun

Good reason to own a gun

This is a discussion on Good reason to own a gun within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; The following article was on a local news site: "A man scheduled for a court appearance regarding the death of his wife last year was ...

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Thread: Good reason to own a gun

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    Good reason to own a gun

    The following article was on a local news site:

    "A man scheduled for a court appearance regarding the death of his wife last year was found dead in his home last evening. Yesterday afternoon about 5:30 police were dispatched to 123 Main St. to check the welfare of 64 year old Mr. L. As the officers arrived they heard a loud noise that sounded like a gunshot. The department’s Hostage and SWAT teams were called to the scene in case Mr. L. had barricaded himself inside. At about 8:20 p.m. they attempted to contact Mr. L. with a telephone deployed inside the home. They continued for nearly 30 minutes before they were able to see that Mr. L. was lying on the floor of the house and showing no signs of life. An ambulance—standing by in the area—responded to the residence, but Mr. L. was already deceased, the victim of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Mr. L. had been scheduled to appear in court yesterday. He was the suspect in the death of his wife on May 12th of last year."

    After police arrive on scene they call SWAT. Three hours into this evolution they "deploy" a phone. Four hours into this evolution they look in the window and see a dead man.

    So the police, SWAT and Hostage team deploy and keep everyone away until the bad guy runs out of bullets?

    Very comforting, very comforting indeed.

    I mention this because there have been at least three scenarios similar to this over the past two years. I've read of similar events in other places.

    I firmly believe that a cop's job is a dangerous one to which I can relate. I have twenty years of military service, some of which was dangerous. I firmly believe that the police are paid to protect and serve NOT to get themselves killed.

    A couple of years ago a local resturant was robbed at closing time. The staff was locked in the freezer. The police had the place surrounded for hours before they ventured in to see the bad guys were long gone.

    Evolutions like this illustrate that being able to defend one's self is very important. This event was isolated to the man who committed suicide but what could the story have read if there were innocents with him?

    I do not envy anyone finding themselves in a situation like this and I pray I am never in a situation like this. As the motivational poster says, 'When seconds count ...'

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    Three hours to try a phone and four to look in the window? That is just ridiculous. What if he had shot someone else and then left, and it was an innocent victim laying on the floor for 4 hours. I understand caution, but come on!

    Forget being minutes away. We should add to the saying.

    When seconds count, the police are only minutes away, but once they get there it will still be several hours before you get any help.
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    i agree,it seems that is standard for all swat tms. why wait for hours.
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    Seven Hours from the time the Cops show up until they look into the wondow?

    The BG guy could have dug a tunnel to his neighbors house in that time.

    I understand being carefull, but have they not heard of mirrors to look around corners or a camera on a pole to take a peak!

    Seems to me they could have summond a Bull Dozer and open up the side of the house quicker. Worked in Waco.

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    Very disturbing.

    He really lived at 123 Main St.? Now that's funny.
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