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BAD: Women murdered near UCF in broad daylight (BG with CWP)

This is a discussion on BAD: Women murdered near UCF in broad daylight (BG with CWP) within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I wonder why the judge didn't issue a temporary restraining order until he (the judge) could figure out the whole "stalking" definition. Obviously the guy ...

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Thread: BAD: Women murdered near UCF in broad daylight (BG with CWP)

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    I wonder why the judge didn't issue a temporary restraining order until he (the judge) could figure out the whole "stalking" definition. Obviously the guy wasn't taking the hint....and she needed assistance. Had the TO been should have been served and attached to the his head....with a nail gun.
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    Two instant mistakes I see in this, and we have all heard before.

    Being stalked and not taking it seriously enough, and thinking a Judge and a protection order is going to do anything at all.

    It's like the woman with the irate ex-husband who had making numerous threats and had about 3 different protection orders on him. He went up to her while a TV crew were interviewing her at a park and shot her several times right in front of everyone .... killing her.

    If a 'stalker' is approaching, why does someone just stand there in disbelief ? If nothing else, run ... a 23 yr in good shape vs a 61 yr old, and hope he's a bad shot.

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    As she was next entering the ATT building, I'd expect that ATT would do the corporate thing and ban all guns. So even if she had a permit and had a gun, she would have likely, at best, been forced to leave it in her car. Between the parking and the building is the unprotected zone where she was attacked.

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    And the husband and or cops did not stop him from hanging around outside of her house? I mean, just coming up and asking him what he was doing while taking his picture and maybe getting him on audio and digital tape, maybe.

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    A protection order is a useless piece of toilet paper. A person that is intent on killing someone doesn't even remotely care about that useless additional charge that will run concurrently with his life term or death penalty.
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    If BG's will buy guns illegally, they certainly won't pay much attention to an RO. Arm yourselves ladies and gentlemen. Don't depend on a piece of paper to save you.

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    ROs are particularly pointless here in FL. With the Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground laws, she could have shot and killed him with no legal repercussions. If she had a gun and was willing to use it.

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    This is a defiant case where a handgun would of save a live as long as the lady would of kept the stalker out of her 21 foot safe zone.Sounds like this guy was determined and she would be forced to shoot to save her life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiwee View Post

    Men don't get stalked as far as I know.
    Stalking is not just about unrequited love. I almost got a stalking charge against a guy who kept showing up where I was working armed security because he was trying to intimidate me. I threw him off one property and banned him, so he would show up on other properties and watch me.
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    Many references here of "if only she had a gun, then maybe ...."

    People, she was returning from lunch on a workday, walking in the company parking lot back to her employee entrance into what I'm almost certain would be an AT&T-invoked "gun free zone". She would have been in violation of company policy to have entered her work environment with a firearm.

    The only reasonable defensive scenario I could offer (short of police escort), is for the husband to be armed, escort her to her employee entrance, return to his car to disarm & lock his firearm in their car, then return to his work area via his different employee entrance.

    Then reverse the process whenever she exits to walk to their car. He exits first to their car, arms himself, meets her at her exit point & escorts her to their car while armed. This would have to have been done repeatedly at the start of the day, leaving to & returning from lunch, & leaving at the end of the day, being in condition ORANGE / RED at all times.

    Roger Troy was law abiding enough at one time to have been cleared for a FL CHP. Once off his rocker and with a BG mindset, a restraining order and/or revoked CHP becomes meaningless to anyone determined to take an innocent life, followed by ending their own. You normally don't expect a stalker to harm the one they are infatuated & obsessed with, but you never know if or when they will hit that "if I can't have her, noboday can have her" wall. Apparently he did.

    Her employer's anti policies are what prevented any chance of her ability to self defense. Let's hear one for AT&T & all other anti employers. Prayers & condolences to her husband & her family.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tiwee View Post
    Women are especially vulnerable to these loser type men. All the more reason for them to be armed. It is very sad for the lady and her family. I hope something good comes out of this.

    Men don't get stalked as far as I know. At least in my experience. Although the other night this girl kept pounding on my bedroom door yelling open this door, open this door. I finally got sick of it and let her out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by schwaa View Post
    I've been thinking about this. She gave him her email instead of a phone number. With the various internet sites these days (facebook, myspace, etc), the email probably gave him an easier means to stalk her than a phone number would have.... Dont give out your damn information.(period)
    Yes and no, using myself as an example: I have multiple E-Mail accounts, under IG I talk about what Radios I have, my license levels (minus the actual call sign) what guns I have, security system's etc to compare notes and learn new ideas. Only 1 or 2 people on this board know my actual name or FCC call sign. On many boards I have a second account under my Name, professional/personal email address (firstlast), or FCC Call sign where I make donations via CC and order equipment, but will not discuss anything about myself. If you look up my call sign you will get my official mailing address, but if you are planning on using that to get to my $2000.00 worth of radio equipment installed in my jeep, or the weapons that live there while I am at work you are out of luck since it is a UPS store mailbox. Unless you are among a smaller number of close friends, the police, or the DOD clearance investigators you will only get as far as that UPS box. Keep one E-mail as your name for close friends and business associates to use, keep another under a pseudonym that is not directly associated with you to give to people you do not know that well, or to use on the internet chat rooms. Not putting yourself in a bad position is always better than fighting your way back out.
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    Whoever wrote the article messed up. They put "had showed up" instead of "had shown up".


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    Quote Originally Posted by Cold Warrior View Post
    And the husband and or cops did not stop him from hanging around outside of her house? I mean, just coming up and asking him what he was doing while taking his picture and maybe getting him on audio and digital tape, maybe.

    What the heck is going on. If some dude is parked outside my house, I don't give a hoot who he's stalking. The fact that he's stalking anyone outside my house is gonna land his butt in hot water with me.

    looks to me like allot more than just the RO failed this poor lady. This kinda crap makes no sense to me. What the heck was her BO/Husband doing while his wife was being stalked?

    IMO, both the husband and the local authorities inability to protect and serve failed this young lady in her hour of need, terribly! I hope the pig that took her life dies screaming!

    I'd love to see some of the judges out there making those bonehead decisions held accountable for their ineptness too! What a loser he must be.

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    She should have been armed; it would have given her a chance that she clearly didn't have without it. As for any employer's disarmament policy, it's hard to find another job these days. But it's much harder when you're dead.

    Your RIGHT TO LIFE trumps private property rights, local ordinances, employer's whims, laws, hard luck stories... pretty much everything.
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