Several studies indicate that fatal shootings make up less than 10% of the self-defense uses of a firearm. For every article like this you see in the media, multiply by 10 for a conservative number of times people use a firearm in self-defense.

During a July 1997 robbery at Crown Tire Service, 2804 E. Lake Mead Blvd. in North Las Vegas, robber James Smith pulled a gun and shot a store manager in the hand. After stealing the store\'s money, Smith started to flee on foot when he was shot three times by store employee Carlo Ohanian. As Smith hit the pavement, an accomplice in a getaway car panicked. He put the car in reverse and ran over Smith\'s head, killing Smith instantly. Authorities determined that Ohanian\'s actions were justified.

On Oct. 16, 1998, an employee at Tropicana Pizza, 4310 E. Tropicana Ave., shot to death Las Vegan Gregory Floyd, 16, as Floyd and an unidentified man tried to rob the restaurant. The employee was justified.

On Oct. 25, 1998, Las Vegas homeowner Tom Gaule, 42, fatally shot Jason Lamb, 26, and Ricky Tripp, 35, when Gaule found the pair robbing his residence. Gaule was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and sentenced to probation. Police and prosecutors said Gaule chased Tripp down the road and shot him.

In November of 1998, Niorge Marquez-Cobas, 25, was fatally shot by a homeowner after Marquez-Cobas and another man attempted to rob the victim at a residence in the 4700 block of Owens Avenue near Lamb Boulevard. The shooting was justified.

In October 1999, Patrick Booker, 18, of Las Vegas was shot to death after he and another man broke into an apartment in the 2900 block of North Rainbow Boulevard near Cheyenne Avenue. The homeowner disarmed one of the men, then shot Booker. No charges were filed.

On May 13 of this year, police say Yosvani Lopez, 24, was killed when he and another man carried out a home invasion in the 900 block of North Ironwood Drive in Las Vegas near Washington Avenue. Police have identified a second suspect in the case -- Carlos Coello, 31, of Las Vegas. Police said Lopez and the second man, both carrying guns, entered the home and tied up two victims. One victim freed himself and stabbed Lopez. The victim then took Lopez\'s gun and fired at the other suspect.