So how does your significant other feel about CCW?

So how does your significant other feel about CCW?

This is a discussion on So how does your significant other feel about CCW? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Just thought this one would be an interesting topic to bring up. How does your spouse, or significant other feel about you carrying. My wife ...

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Thread: So how does your significant other feel about CCW?

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    So how does your significant other feel about CCW?

    Just thought this one would be an interesting topic to bring up.

    How does your spouse, or significant other feel about you carrying.

    My wife was a bit nervous about it, and while she is still a better shot than I am (despite quite a bit of practice on my part and virtually none on hers) she is a bit nervous about handling weapons. She is coming around though.

    While she grew up in the country and her father/brother hunted and owned guns, she never really gave any thought to anyone carrying one. Needless to say, she was a bit squeemish with the idea when I first started carrying. The first few days, any loud noise in the house made her flinch. It didn't take too long for her to get comfortable with it. Now 3 years later, she is completely at ease with it.

    I started this post is because, she surprised me today, and said it made her feel loved because she knows I am doing it to protect her and our family. Then she got a mischevious grin and told me, that she also thinks it's sexy. It's times like these, that remind me what a lucky man I am to have such a sweet, goodlooking and nearsighted woman.

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    my wife is the reason we both carry.

    she has a psychopathic ex who's threatened to kill all of us(stepdaughter included) many times.

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    My wife rolls her eyes every couple of weeks, but she doesn't say anything about it. I'd love for her to at least take enough interest to be able to get into the safe and withdraw a weapon and know how to make it go boom, if necessary. I think that's where the revolver is going to come into play. I'm thinking snubby like a Ruger SP101. I really like that one. There are some in .38 that are French Police returns. I could get into one for $300, new. They even have a little crown stamp on each part (barrel,cylender,frame, etc.) If it weren't French, I would probably already have it. I think it's still a good deal and no one would know it's French but me. short wait times. Use 'defensivecarry' as a coupon code for a discount to your order.

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    My wife has absolutely NO problem with my being armed everywhere we go.

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    I guess my wife thought it was over the edge at first but now anytime there's cause for "heightened alert" at home or out and about, she steps back and let's me deal with it - I take "point" while she gets to a safe area and prepares to call the calvary if need be. She still won't go to the range with me yet but when I go out without her the J-frame stays home in case she needs it. I'd really like to get her a Colt DS (6 ALWAYS beats 5) but at least she knows where the 642 lives if there's a reason to be alarmed - and I know she'd use it if she had to ... that's my girl!

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    My Wife accepts it as part of daily life. She'd be uneasy if I WASN'T packing.

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    Well my little bride ( as posted elsewhere ) carrys a .45 herself so i guess she thinks its ok lol
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    My wife has her ccw and carries colt snub 38.

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    Mrs. Airedale has no problems with it. She has her CCL and her J frame with her all the time. I recently traded into a 2 1/2" S&W 686 and she is looking at it a bit too hard. I may lose it to her.

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    How does she feel real simple, she carries too.. .357 with laser grips in her purse.
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    My wife tolerates it. She knows how to shoot (grew up with it) and just lives with the fact that I carry. She knows the combo to open the handgun safe to access it, and likes to occasionally shoot, but she's not up for carrying herself.
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    My wife has transitioned over time from less than happy about it to fully accepting - and now has her own CCW - if only I could get her to carry more frequently. Tho she grew up with guns, and a dad who answered the door always with gun at hand - she had a grand parent killed thru an accident with a rifle - this somewhat soured her to guns until I came along.

    The fact I am armed 16/7 is no longer a problem and she accepts that - I guess that leaves her feeling less needy of her own carry when we are together - it is tho when she goes out on her own I wish she would carry more often.
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    Thumbs up No Problem Here

    Mrs QKShooter is totally thumbs up on Concealed Carry anywhere legally allowed to carry.
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    Initially the wife was not enthusiastic about it. In fact shortly after we got married and before I graduated from law school, I applied to the FBI for a SA position. Fortunately for me that didn't work out (not because there is anything wrong with the FBI, I just like what I am doing now a lot more).

    Anyway, after I started doing serious felonies, we decided a weapon and a CCW was probably a good idea. After I got the training, she seems ok with it. The other day we went to meet a complete stranger to sell a bike. The wife asked if I was packing and when I replied in the affirmative she seemed relieved.

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    My wife absolutely hates guns, Was raised in a very liberal house. Doesn't stop me from tho
    George Washington: "A free people ought to be armed."

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