Who Makes Music?

Who Makes Music?

This is a discussion on Who Makes Music? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I'm curious to know who the musicians are on DC. I'm a classically trained violinist, but I haven't played my violin in forever. I started ...

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Thread: Who Makes Music?

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    Who Makes Music?

    I'm curious to know who the musicians are on DC.

    I'm a classically trained violinist, but I haven't played my violin in forever. I started teaching myself mandolin last year and it's way more fun.

    The preceding post may contain sarcasm; it's just better that way. However, it is still intended with construction and with the Love of my L-rd Y'shua.

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    I have no training in music, but I have picked up the Native American Flute. I have enjoyed it. A make it up as you go, kinda thing.
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    I am a professional musician.

    I play lead trumpet in Detroit's busiest Swing/Big Band.

    Rhythm Society Orchestra

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    The only instrument I can play is the radio. We have a house full of guitars, a drum set and a harmonica. None of us play squat, I'm not real sure how all that stuff got in here
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    I wish that I could. I am musically talentless with regard to playing any musical instrument but, I truly appreciate what I enjoy listening to.

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    I played trumpet for years, but haven't touched it in as many years as I played. I probably couldn't get a squeak out of a horn if I tried.
    Its one of those things that life doesn't give you the time to keep up with, yet I wish I had.
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    Acoustic guitar.

    Have a family full of professional musicians...guitar (acoustic and electric, saxophone, ukulele-I know, I know-and voice).
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    I have not really said much in awhile, but then I guess my name is true. However, this is a subject I can go on and on about ad-nausium.

    I play in 2 bands, lead guitar in both, and I write and record music in my free time (what little I have these days).

    I play guitar, bass, and keyboard, and also know how to play a little Banjo, some Mandolin, and even upright and fretless basses. Also played trumpet in the school band for several years.

    Another hobby in the same vein is building guitars, I built a Fender Jazzmaster last summer out of off-the-shelf replacement parts and some custom hand-built stuff, and am cobbling solidbody guitars out of spares all the time.

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    Took some opera lessons, ten years ago. Do a couple private parties and weddings a year, but nothing professional.
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    Only when I eat Mexican food.
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    Guitar and bass here. I use to play in a bar band, but now I just pick around for fun on occasion.

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    Hack Bass player and semi noteworthy vocalist. Gave up the bands for a steady paycheck when my daughter was born. I still jones for the stage 18 years later.
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    I play drums and percussion and now learning to play bass guitar. I sing, but not out of wanting to, I was just forced into it a good many years ago in a Country-Rock band that I was in.

    I am in the Huntington Harmonica Club as a drummer for the group. Check it out at our web site. There are some pictures and MP3's also. Here's our link.

    harmonica club free lessons tabs downloads huntington wv

    Play drums occasionally and get paid a few bucks for the Saturday Night Jamboree here locally.

    My wife lovingly says I'm her "world famous drummer." Nuff said.
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    Played an accordian for 13 years...Took Classical accordian lessons in college....probably couldn't hit a right note anymore.

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    Me, no. Took guitar lessons for 3 years as a teenager, some 40 years ago, but never any good. And my singing has been declared a felony in 3 states and a human rights violation by amnesty international. My wife, on the other hand, is incredibly talented. She plays guitar, bass, keyboards, steel guitar, and also sings. She toured professionally many years ago, and has toured with the Neville Brothers. She used to have her own band when we were in Northen California, paying several nights a week. I thought that moving back to Vegas 5 years ago (well, me moving back, and her coming with me), she would have more opportunity, but Vegas is in many ways still a small town, and you have to know someone to get in.
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