If this is rare for you, speak with your doc. It could be symptomatic of a number of things.

Though, it sounds similar to how a migraine headache feels, as others have suggested.

On a handful of occasions about 15yrs ago, I had an extreme headache that centered just above the eyes, inside. Any movement of the eyes hurt; standing up hurt; as did moving too quickly. The only thing that seemed to help was to lie down in the dark. In each instance, it took many hours before it would budge.

What helped these few instance of migraine headache, for me: With a small meal, 3x Excedrin Migraine; then 3x three hours later. Basically, this is 250mg acetaminophen, 250mg aspirin, and 65mg caffeine. Didn't make it disappear, but it dramatically lessened the pain. Note that this dosage is seriously above the recommendation on the label. The doc didn't think it wise to do this except in extreme situations, and that less would be smarter. But, it worked reasonably well ... when nothing else would.