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CCWer roughed up by LEOs TWICE - video

This is a discussion on CCWer roughed up by LEOs TWICE - video within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; He's probably going to be able to retire when this is all over....

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Thread: CCWer roughed up by LEOs TWICE - video

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    He's probably going to be able to retire when this is all over.
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    Yep, bet he's happy there was a dash cam.

    Idiot acts on the part of the Police Dept.

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
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    He is going to get enough money to retire and join you down in Florida
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    Quote Originally Posted by reyno2ac View Post
    While I agree that he was mistreated, I do not think that he should have jumped out of the car like that.

    Either way, he is going to be rich when this is all over.
    Jumping out of the car put him in an aggressive footing IMHO.
    I'm not familiar with the Texas CCW laws, so I don't know if announcing that he's carrying as soon as he's standing was legally necessary.

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    Why, oh why, would you get out of the car? That is extremely stupid. Nothing good will come out of that. Even though he made a dumb move, I don't think the cop should have beat him to the ground like that.

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    Wow, a overreaction turned into criminal actions. Remind me not to visit that town.
    I know not what this "overkill" means.

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    First, the guy was stupid for getting out of the car. IIRC, Texas requires that the carrier inform so the guy should have stayed in the car kept his hands visible, and said something. Getting out of the car precipitated the take-down. So far, nothing too horribly bad to write home about even if the officer was a bit over-enthusiastic in his actions.

    BUT, when he went to the station for the ORR and got arrested, the cops went from over-reactive to downright idiotic. The elbow in the chest is likely unrecorded in any fashion so there's no evidence other than the guy's word. It's a non-starter. The arrest, OTOH, is verified and that's what is going to cost Carollton some $. Not millions, but high five to low six figures at least.

    Based on the refusal of the DA to prosecute and the basis for the arrest (coming 3 weeks after the incident) being "failure to conceal" the arrest was clearly retaliatory in nature, for the sole purposes of denying a legal ORR request, and designed to harass and embarrass the guy for exercising his rights. That the guy is black may allow the race card to be played on both the basis for the original "take-down" (racial profiling) and the subsequent arrest (poor/black = without rights) against the officers/Dept.

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    I can't tell what race the take down officer is, but I would suspect regardless of race it had alot to do with ' black man with a gun' syndrome. My buddy gets it at every police encounter.

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