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what other hobbies do you enjoy besides Shooting.

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Thread: what other hobbies do you enjoy besides Shooting.

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    Jan 2009
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    Dec 2008
    Raleigh, NC
    Riding my Kawasaki Vulcan 1500
    Playing and collecting classical guitars
    Collecting vintage fountain pens - primarily Parkers
    Calligraphy, drawing
    Duty, Honor, Country...MEDIC!!!
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    Feb 2009
    Southern IL
    Photography (Flickr: chris_21_'s Photostream)

    Riding/working/and enjoying Harley's with friends and my girlfriend (she just got her first Harley!!!)

    IT\Computers\gadgets\tinkering with anything.

    Shooting\working\and introducing people to firearms.
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    Feb 2006
    Rochester, NY
    Photography, fly fishing, auto racing (spectating grand-am and ALMS, not participating).

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    Jun 2007
    Gilbert, AZ
    Hiking, hunting, my 3 dogs, endless research of myriad topics on the 'net, photography, working on my classic Volvo when I don't have to, cooking and growing herbs (the type you use for cooking!).
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    Feb 2010
    Wyoming, DE
    Bass fishing, shooting, reading, motorcycles.

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    Oct 2009
    Hunting in the US and Africa,being a "mom" to our dogs(three springer spaniels), hiking (especially 14ers), TaeKwon-Do, lifting weights/fitness activities and most recently flashaholic (just discovered the flashlight collecting world).
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    Feb 2010
    Denver, CO
    Sports. I'm a huge hockey guy. Watching, playing, anything really. Love my local teams, but i also will watch any other game that i can catch. Just love the sport. I also follow most all of the other major sports, not nearly as much. I'm one of those guys who keeps their radio at the local sports station.

    I also like video games. Play anything from sports games, to shooters, to MMO's. Though as I've gotten older, the gaming became more of a occasional hobby, unlike when i was a kid.
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    May 2007
    Back home in Louisiana !!!!
    Bass Fishing. Freshwater mostly but love getting into the bays and inland saltwater for specks, reds, and flounder too!

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    May 2009
    nowhere, usa
    computers, reloading, turning wrenches, driving fast, teaching self-defense, SHOOTING, playing drums, fishing, hunting, video games, travel, this forum, cleaning my firearms, admiring my firearms, ticking off my wife, cooking (ticking off my wife doing it), exercises, baseball (playing, not watching) bowling, eating out, being "Mr. Handyman" (again, ticking off the wife), pets, showing off (mostly with firearms), reading, poker night, alcohol, and ticking off my wife.

    All this, and I complain that there is never enough time in a day.

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    Apr 2007
    east TN
    my dogs (1 aussi and 1 beagle)
    my wonderful husband
    watching movies, home theaters
    playing video games
    building a house
    slowly working on my masters when not working <- not really a 'hobby' but takes up enough of my time

    used to ride horses, rock climb, and unicycle (mountain uni, uni hockey, etc), but dont really have the time or resources for those anymore.
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    May 2007
    Salt Lake City, Utah
    Hiking the beautiful Wasatch Mountains
    4 wheeling, and camping in God's Country, Southern Utah
    Watching Hockey and Football
    Chasing women would be up there as well
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    Quote Originally Posted by rhinokrk View Post
    I totally forgot this one. I play golf as well during the summer.

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    Humble, TX

    My Time

    besides hunting and shooting, I also like to go on paranormal investigations with some of my college buddies collecting EVP readings and photos of some evidence from locations deemed haunted. When I am not doing this, I would spend time with my family to go on trips to the museum, zoo, animal farms, I even like going to alligators farms for show. I would also go to movies and shopping malls with my wife and read some interesting books in barnes and noble. I also like to go fishing in both rivers and saltwater and try to catch some redfish or speckled trout. I also particpate in church functions with my daughter and take an active role in volunteering.

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    My main stuff is seasonal; Dual Sporting in the spring/summer, R/C flying in the summer and bird hunting in the fall.

    The bird hunting involves dogs, I'm busy keeping a very messy setter up and running. It also involves keep skill sharp, so I shoot clay as much as time allows too.

    The dual sporting doesn't really take much of my time, other than minor bike upkeep and repair. I just hop on and disappear for a few hours into the hills of SE Ohio or the foothills of Kentucky. Once in awhile, I end up in the WV or TN mountains.

    I was heavy into R/C airplanes up until about 8 years ago, and my time and money was divided to much to keep playing with flying toys. I just recently bought another plane for my young son and I to build and fly together.

    I also always have some sort of home improvement project going. I'm finishing my basement right now, Yes, it does have a new gun room. We just got done with a kitchen and bathroom remodel, Complete with plumbing relocate, moving partition walls, new electric and cabinetry.
    "Just blame Sixto"

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