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This is a discussion on Child Harnesses within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by mathewsman So I got a poll here what do you think about them. my 13 month old loves to walk around the ...

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Thread: Child Harnesses

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    Quote Originally Posted by mathewsman View Post
    So I got a poll here what do you think about them. my 13 month old loves to walk around the store by herself and doesent like to hold anybodys hand so we got her one. she does pretty well on it and we only use it so she doesent run off on us and also the safty feature it takes a long time to try to get her out of it or at least enough time that they wont do it again hint hint.
    She doesn't like to hold a parents hand? Who is the parent here?
    If she is 13 months and you can't control her now, what do you plan to do when she is running your household?
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    Why...? You out of duct tape?

    I guess a harness is good....did you run out of duct tape? Good thing about duct tape is you only have to do it once....after that they straighten up just by the sound of pulling some off the roll........
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    If your parenting skills are such that you feel you need to put your child on a leash then it is your call. Personally I whistle every time I see a kid being led around like a dog. I guess this is a NO vote!!!!!!

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    I voted other
    In most cases I would have to say no. Going to the mall or other shopping you should have enough situational awareness not to treat your kid like a dog. I have two young sons (4 & 6) and at an early age they have been instilled with holding my hand and staying close. As they have gotten older they have more "wander" room, but I use the adage if they can't see my eyes I can't see them.
    On the Polly Anna side I do see a use for them in situations like airports and foreign locals. We were stationed in lots of places as a kid and tethers were common, but my folks used bright jackets and clothes to keep an eye on me (think hunter orange).
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    My kids have 2 options in parking lots, hold a hand or get in a buggy. In the store it's stay close to us or get in the buggy. Pitch a fit and you go back in the car with daddy, not a good thing. I think I've been back to the car once. Been close a few times. I get complimented on how well behaved my kids are in public. Because we have taught them they can't have the run of the store. TEACH them to behave correctly, not rely on some outside device to do it. My .02
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    Back in the early 60's my mom had 3 kids walking and a baby,everyone within about a year of each other,she was flying to Germany to meet up with my Dad who was stationed there USAF and went ahead to get everything set before we arrived.she got some leather harnesses and leashes for us so she could keep us under control,she was also delayed at the airport for almost 24 hours.She said it was a nightmare,as long as we walked ahead like we were suppose to it was good,but a 5 year old a 4 year old and a 3 year old don't do straight very long,
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    It depends

    I answered yes, in my families case they were the key to independence for my wife. As a blind parent with 3 children the harnesses allowed her to use public transportation, go shopping, and go for walks around the neighborhood while I was at work, or out of town. I am sure that in the hands of irresponsible / lazy parents they can be misused as can any other tool, however please don't lump all parents who use them into the same category.


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    Other than the fact it makes the relationship between you and your child more equitable to you walking your dog (from the third person perspective at least) it is a very functional method of keeping track of your child. Just looks downright funny to me (I dont have kids so I dont know......anything about that)

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    I answered no, it may be good so your kid don't run off, but imagine how funky it looks with a kid on a leash.
    There are other options to keep your kid from getting away, you know....keep an eye on them, hold their hand.

    ...To each their own.
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    I know this poll was all about personal prefernce but i like all the comments from everybody. Each one of you have a point and i thank you for your reply to this post.
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    From the childless side of the fence....

    Your child doesn't get to wander around the store (or anywhere else) alone, even if they are attached to you- I don't care what they want...

    The kids who wander away from Mom or Dad are often royal little pests to the other shoppers, they run around acting like little animals, hiding in the racks, and generally being nuisances. Please, people, make your children behave like little people rather than little wild things.

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    Nope never used them.....My 4 kids have 2 choices...Hold a hand or ride in the cart....If they won't do that they know the consequences.....You need to gain control now or just wait until the teenage years...Your life will be Hell......

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    I'm waiting for them to come out with the backpacks with leashes that have the TASER option
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    Absolutely not on the leash but I have found it to be effective to stick my kids in dog kennels when they are disobeying!

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    I voted yes, with a 18 month old and a 3 year old, we have one for the 18 month old and use it when we go to the airport or do other things when we can not keep an active eye on the 18 month old. Our 3 year old knows to to wander off, and he likes to try to help us. The 18 month old sees something neat and wants to go see it, or he just wants to run. When you have bags, a stroller and trying to navigate an airport with 2 small boys, you can not devote 100% of you attention to both boys 100% of the time. A harness negates that need.
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