A wife’s loving gesture

A wife’s loving gesture

This is a discussion on A wife’s loving gesture within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; A man was laying on his death bed surrounded by his loving family, when his wife of 40 years broke down and said to him, ...

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Thread: A wife’s loving gesture

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    A wife’s loving gesture

    A man was laying on his death bed surrounded by his loving family, when his wife of 40 years broke down and said to him, “dear I love you so much that I cannot let you go on with out telling you that I have been unfaithful”

    What! Exclaimed the man, how could you, after all these years?

    Well, she said, it was only 3 times, and each time I only did it because I love you.

    How could you be unfaithful “because you love me“? the man asked, his wife replied;

    Well you remember that time you lost your job and we were living on unemployment for 8 months? remember how hard it was just making it through each day? And you remember that on your birthday I managed to make your favorite lamb chop dinner? Well I slept with the butcher.

    My god! The man said, that diner sure did make me feel better in a bad time, I do remember having the extra courage to fight hard and got that job the next week, I guess I could forgive you for that.

    Then the wife went on to say; and remember 5 years after you got that job and you were promoted to Vice President and got all the perks? Well I slept with your boss.

    Well, the man said, that was an important turning point in our life, we had enught to put away for the kids education and our retirement, I guess I could forgive you for that…… but when was the third time?

    She looked at him and said, well you remember the time you wanted to be president of the home owners association, and everyone voted for you……….
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