I Need A New Watch!

I Need A New Watch!

This is a discussion on I Need A New Watch! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I should first state that I am hard on watches and need a rugged time piece. The preference would be a metal case with some ...

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Thread: I Need A New Watch!

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    I Need A New Watch!

    I should first state that I am hard on watches and need a rugged time piece. The preference would be a metal case with some sort of synthetic band and date display. I previously tried a few dive watches, and like them, but I do not want a huge/heavy watch anymore. The Victorinox line is appealing, but there are no dealers in my area for a look-see. What is your favorite?

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    I had one when I was younger. I have the watch part of it still and it keeps great time. I rotted off the band working in a Coca Cola plant but it is water proof and will take a serious licking. Casio still makes them in several styles.
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    I have been wearing an inexpensive Casio for several years now and it has been as good as gold.
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    My wife and I have both destroyed Luminox watches -- they can take a lot of punishment, took us about 10 years to waste the ears where the pins attach the band to the watch case. Finally drilled big holes through the pin sockets and wired some bands on. Both are still running and the battery is easy to change since the case back is held on by little Phillips screws (and has an O-ring seal).
    I actually had the chance to talk with a couple of Navy Specwar guys, who both laughed about the "Navy Seal" thing on the Luminox -- both of them said the G-Shock is the toughest. Several guys in heavy construction have told me the same thing. If I needed a watch and didn't have big cash, a G-Shock could well be my choice.
    My personal favorite? Rolex. I don't think people really use them in harsh conditions due to the cost, so no one realizes how durable they are. However... they are really heavy and being mechanical, need maintenance and are "only" as accurate as an old-type watch can be. Anything with batteries is a set and forget thing, of course.

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    I wear the Swiss Army Night Vision. I love it.

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    Try the TIMEX Reef Gear. It is dive rated and has a screw down crown. I used to wreck a watch every six minths to a year as an aircraft mechanic but have not killed this one yet. 2 years and still ticking!!!
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    Seiko Black Monster!

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    THIS is the watch I want :)

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    Another vote for G-Shock. Ihave had one for the past couple years, and wear it as an everyday watch.

    Everything from digging post holes, heavy range time, pneumatic wrenches, you get the idea.

    Never have changed the battery, nor had a glitch, keeps perfect time.

    Mine was a gift, so I don't know exactly how much it cost, but not not even close to my Omega Seamaster(which I doubt would take the abuse that this beauty has)

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