Will Gunowners support organ donation?

Will Gunowners support organ donation?

This is a discussion on Will Gunowners support organ donation? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; MGO steps up to support organ donation -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a copy of a thread on MichiganGunOwners, I need you Michigan DC members. Ok DefensiveCarry ...

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Thread: Will Gunowners support organ donation?

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    ann arbor, michigan.

    Will Gunowners support organ donation?

    MGO steps up to support organ donation

    This is a copy of a thread on MichiganGunOwners, I need you Michigan DC members.

    Ok DefensiveCarry members from MICHIGAN, I have a debate with my liberal co-workers here that gun people as a group are more giving in REAL terms than the other side. We're into donation drive 2010 to sign-up organ donors to bring Michigan up to standards seen in other states. All you have to do is go to www.giftoflifemichigan.org click on the signup to be a donor botton. When it asks where did you hear about organ donation?, choose other and put in Kyle Putnam (me). then just put in your name, birthdate and DL #. Seriously only 2 minutes of work. And while you're on the site, get a little education about the great need we have in this state for organ and tissue donation. Thanks folks. kyle

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    I don't post here anymore...Sorry
    I have decided that when I die, I will not donate my organs.

    I will however, lease them out with the proceeds going to cancer research.


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    Not in MI, but....when I die, I will have no more use for them, someone else might as well use them.
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    I'm an organ donor and I'm happy to say the rest of my family is as well.
    PS - In addition to donating organs, I'm willing to give away a piano under the right circumstances.
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    'Already a donor. Although I've pretty much worn everything out...
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    Not in Michigan.

    I strongly support the general idea of donating both blood and organs. I donated blood regularly until a health issue got in the way. Organ donation is even easier than blood donation. Just check the appropriate box when you renew your DL or state ID.

    One point though, PLEASE don't do either if you have any illness in which your donation might affect the recipient's health in a bad way.

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    When the time comes, I won't need my innards, so yes I am an organ donor.
    My cars and my guns are another matter, and already arranged for those who will use and care for them just as I would
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    My NH driver's license has a provision to list "Organ Donor".....
    I've always checked it off when I renew....
    Don't know how many of these old guts the medical community will be able to use when the time comes......

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    OD here, but not sure its a wise thing.....my Iron levels are toxic to most humans....
    I know not what this "overkill" means.

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    404 Page Not Found
    OD here too.
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    When we renew our driver's license they always ask.... I asked the woman "would you want anything I have"... she checked off "No". LOL

    It's a very good thing for people to do.

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    Have the big red heart on my SC drivers license for many years

    I think of organ donation as love karma...

    Maybe just maybe down the road one of my family or friends my have a second chance of life...
    with someone else's gift of love.

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    I'm a very grateful recipient. I was lucky enough to get a kidney in July, 09. God bless those who donate.

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    When I die they can take all the good parts they need,My daughter and wife are well aware of my wishes,after that they can cremate me and my daughter wants my ashes in a urn in her house,If my wife wants any they can weigh me out and each gets 1/2
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    Why the heck not?

    - Janq has been a registered donor by active choice since age 18
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