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This is a discussion on Michael Moore in legal deep doo doo within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Michael Moore made the film. An individual has the right to determine how, where, and by whom his image is used. In order to use ...

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Thread: Michael Moore in legal deep doo doo

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    Michael Moore made the film. An individual has the right to determine how, where, and by whom his image is used. In order to use the image there are contracts that have to be signed. Giving permission to a news program to air an interview does not give anybody else the right to use that interview. If a local TV station interviews you and your agreement is with them and does not include the rights to let the network or other news organizations use it, the network and other news organizations have to get permission from you. If you are a celebrity this is not necessarily so.

    There is no way to go back and take the offending footage out. The damage is done over and over everytime the film is viewed.
    Good analysis, Dr. He will need to proved damages, but may be able to use the "punish the big guy" approach. That is, Moore will never cease his questionable behavior unless a punishment large enough to merit his full attention to levied, and it is material to his net worth.
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    he might have about 3 million clear.
    Even that would be a victory - in particular if it hits Moore's pocket!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyW
    Moore is a moron. But I don't think this guy is going to get $85 million. And while I have to admit part of me wants to see him win and Moore bankrupt, I didn't think it a good tactic when the anti's tried to use it against the gun makers and I don't really like it now either. The guy should get something but he must have a very big reputation and have suffered a lot of personal humiliation if it takes that much money to make up for it.
    Oh I don't know give him a bleeding hard left wing jury, that and let's how he like's it when the shoe is on the other foot!
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    If he clears 3 mil. it will cost Moore 12 to 15. 8.5 settlement and the rest in court costs and his own lawyer fees. If I were the guy I would settle for 8.5 after taxes provided Moore paid all my legal fees and court costs. Invest even fairly well and you can live quite well off the income. The first thing to do is to go ahead and have the closely held corporation created now. Have it accept all the funds and pay you a salary. Otherwise you will have more friends and relatives than you ever thought possible. It's amazing how many of them will forget they ever heard of you when you tell them that the money is controlled by a company that pays you a reasonable salary.

    Ok, I admit it I am sneaky. I've never had money, but I have known some people who have and have witnessed their loss of same. If you suddenly come into money you have no background for dealing with it and it is soon gone. The wise thing to do is get someone who knows what they are doing to set it up so it works for you not someone else.

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    Wouldn't mind seeing Moore become but a footnote to history and going away. Someone should erase the footnote later, though and put him out of everyone's memory.
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    screw Moore, i hope he looses all $85 million to that brave hero.

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    well as much as I hate micheal moore(they did a good job on him in team america!) I don't know about 85 million. It may hurt him but it will not stop him or even slow down his commie crap films. The guy will have to settle for lots less but i would settle if moore gave a on air apology in front of a stadium full of vets or something. (he might not make it out alive though) Just a fantasy though. We all know micheal moore has no respect for our soldiers.
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