Predicting the internet in 1969

Predicting the internet in 1969

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Thread: Predicting the internet in 1969

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    Predicting the internet in 1969

    Interesting... not far off at all. Techie nerds will like this...

    Predicting the internet in 1969
    "Who is to say that I am not an instrument of karma? Indeed, who is to say that I am not the very hand of God himself, dispatched by the Almighty to smite the Philistines and hypocrites, to lay low the dishonest and corrupt, and to bust the jawbone of some jackass that so desperately deserves it?"

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    Hey....I just thought of something really cool!

    Wouldn't it be totally neat if everybody that was interested in things like firearms and home defense could somehow communicate with one another in other parts of the country or even around the world?

    We can dream...can't we? Some future day it might be a reality.

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    Boy, I just love to look into the future!!!

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    "Alerts the communal service agency if there is a problem"

    They predicted we would be communists in the future too!!

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    I find the accounting, budgeting and finance applications interesting too.
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    So where's my flying car and caseless ammo?
    "and suddenly I can not hold back my sword hand's anger"

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    Wait, I thought Al Gore invented the internet. Where's his video?
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