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Scary Woman Samurai

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    Scary Woman Samurai

    You can live by the sword or die by the sword. But one Long Island couple can't get divorced by the sword.

    Computer analyst Shlomo Kupperman tried to dissolve his hellish 30-year marriage on the grounds that his wife, Irene, had threatened him with a Samurai sword.

    But Nassau County Family Court Judge Edward Maron ruled that since Kupperman wasn't hurt, it didn't amount to "cruel and inhuman" behavior.

    Shlomo Kupperman, 58, claimed that after Irene had repeated affairs, she went ballistic when he asked where she had been one day in August 2005.

    He claimed she grabbed a sword with a 3-foot blade from his collection and charged at him while he was standing in the kitchen with his daughter - coming within inches of his chest.

    "He testified that he slowly retreated back in the bedroom and locked himself in for the night, fearing that his wife would come back and hurt him in the middle of the night," Maron wrote, noting that no one called cops or went to the hospital.

    After the incident, Kupperman said he developed a sleeping disorder because he feared "sneak attacks" by his wife.

    Irene Kupperman, 57, claims she never attacked anyone.

    "It's beyond ridiculous," said her lawyer, Andre Ferenzo, who noted that the husband is a black belt in karate. "The first thing he would have done was call the police or report it to the court."

    The judge rejected the "cruel and inhuman" grounds, but granted the divorce because Irene Kupperman moved to Virginia to open a bath and shower business in 2007.

    Ferenzo said she may appeal. Shlomo Kupperman had no comment.

    "He's happy he's divorced," said his lawyer, Anthony Capetola. "It has been a dead marriage for years."

    Read more: Family court judge says Samurai sword attack not grounds for divorce

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    Sound like he was the wife.

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    Well, I bet they just went down to the Court House and divided everything they had evenly, 80% for her and 20% for him!

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    Any bladed weapon in the hands of someone who is willing to use it can have serious if not deadly consequences.

    I have a set of reproduction swords, Katana and Wakizashi. They are sharp and would easily kill if they were used to strike an individual with any kind of force.

    However, I wonder if they "cut" a good deal in the divorce.
    "A Smith & Wesson always beats 4 aces!"

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    Welcome to my neighborhood.

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    Weird. Any way you slice it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by UnklFungus
    If it is ok to disarm legal citizens to reduce crime, then doesn't it stand to disband the military to prevent war?

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    what "sharp" replies this got. kinda ironic that this wound up on this type of website.
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    His wife probably made some type of "cutting" comments and he just didn't have a "Sharp" reply. Either that or he got the "point" rather quickly.

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