Kudos to Westborn Gun Shop, Taylor MI

Kudos to Westborn Gun Shop, Taylor MI

This is a discussion on Kudos to Westborn Gun Shop, Taylor MI within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I stopped in at this shop in Taylor, MI (Southern-ish suburb of Detroit) earlier this week: Westborn Gun Shop - Taylor Michigan - Firearms, Ammo, ...

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Thread: Kudos to Westborn Gun Shop, Taylor MI

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    Kudos to Westborn Gun Shop, Taylor MI

    I stopped in at this shop in Taylor, MI (Southern-ish suburb of Detroit) earlier this week:

    Westborn Gun Shop - Taylor Michigan - Firearms, Ammo, and Gun Accessories

    Asked (as I always do) if they have come across any spare mags for SW 3913 and was told by one of the clerks (did not get his name) to stop by later in the week, that he had one at home.

    Stopped by Friday and he'd brought in a nice stainless Model 39 mag, 9-round, fit my gun (but sticks out a bit, since the standards are 8-round) and will make a great back up magazine to my EDC.

    Asked him what he wanted for it, and (brace yourselves) he GAVE it to me for free! Now, I would probably have paid around $20 for it, but since I'm currently unemployed I definitely appreciate a bargain!

    They have earned a future customer, and I encourage anyone who might be in the area to shop there!!
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    Do ya think they have any spare magazines for my SA XD40 SC?


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    Good to hear!!!
    He may have had it sitting at home, collecting dust, and thought it'd be the thing to do.

    Aren't the 'good things that come to those who wait' just the leftovers from the people that got there first?
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    I grew up just around the corner from there, good people to do business with.

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    I am pretty sure you wont find too much of that at the big box stores. I do business with the local mom and pop shop beecause THEY TAKE CARE OF ME. I know their names and they know mine! They know to put a box or two of .380 JHP ammo behind the counter for me if they get some, and they will ask if I need another box of FMJ for my 9mm. They wont sell junk in their shop and they wont take junk on trade. I know for a fact that certain arms have been blackballed regardless of profit or loss.

    Go local, these folks are (should be) ready to compete for your business!
    My GLOCK goes BANG every time!

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    What are their prices on 45ACP?
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    If I showed up with a magazine, and was looking for a gun for it, do you think they would find one to give me?

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