I need some advice

I need some advice

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Thread: I need some advice

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    I need some advice

    Ok so me and my wife got a new dog about 4 months ago. Blue healer/lab/mix. i have tried everything in the books to get him trained to obey, but nothing seems to work.

    For the most part he listens to me but it is my wife that he ignores completely. He is rough with our son who is about to be 2, my wife and sometimes even me.
    He would not stop getting in the trash while we were gone so we got him a crate and all he does is bark and whine while in it. And he still gets in the trash with us there.

    He snaps his teeth at all of us.

    my son cannot play with his toys very much because every time he gets a toy the dog takes it from him.
    If I take him out front to go to the bathroom then we will not run off and will come when i tell him to.
    But if he is out there with my wife he will run off and not listen to her.

    We cannot have anybody over because he jumps on everybody that comes over and i have to lock him up in his crate (and listen to the whining).

    My wife and son were walking out the door to go to the doctor this morning and the dog ran off down the street. My wife is also 9 months pregnant and could not run after him so she just left.
    I had to leave work and go find him and get him home.(I work 5 min. from my house)

    Wife said that if he keeps it up after our 2nd son is born then i will have to get rid of him. I really do love this dog and dont want to.

    so i come to ya'll for some advice. What can i do to change his attitude.

    O and he is about 7 months old.

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    Off the cuff: hire a trainer with a reputable background. Positive reinforcement is the current method. Anyone who wants to choke collar the dog is probably not up to date. Sounds like you need a professional. The key is that a dog trainer trains the owners as well as the dog.

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    Sounds like an alpha dog. Get a trainer if you can afford it. If not maybe give him away?

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    Get a trainer is great advice, but your wife is going to have to be a large part of the training if he is going to obey her. My setter is the same way... He'll brush my teeth if I tell him too, but wouldn't even look at my wife if she called him.
    A couple of weekend sessions with me, her and the dog (and a little help from an E collar) and all is well.
    We walk without leashes and he hangs out in the front yard unleashed often.
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    WOW, sounds like the dog thinks he is in charge or your household! First of all, crate training is, IMO, a good thing, however, you should avoid putting your dog in his crate while you are there. If he can see you or hear you, you are going to have constant whining. A dog that has been crate trained properly thinks of the crate as his home. My dogs both go lay down in their crates of their own accord. I have, however, never used their crates as punishment for bad actions.
    That said, your first and most important action at this point will be walking your dog on a leash, every day, multiple times a day. This means that your wife needs to be involved as well. Your dog should walk beside you and never in front of you. This takes a bunch of patience to master. It means you will need to commit a long time for a short walk until he learns. When you have mastered controlling your dog on his leash (yes you are controlling him not the other way around) you should bring your wife and son with you on the walks. They should always stay in front of you and the dog. Canine instinct is that the Alpha and Beta dog are always leading the pack, never the other way around. Eventually you will need to let your wife control the leash while you and your son lead the pack. This will help him find his place and help you and your wife find your place in the pack as well. Dogs are smart but instinctive. Your dog will actually be much happier when he realizes that you and your wife are leading the pack. This will allow him to relax as he doesn't think that he needs to play the role of the leader.

    This is just a tiny bit of advise and I could probably ramble for a long time. I would suggest you read one of Cesar Milan's books such as:

    Amazon.com: Be the Pack Leader: Use Cesar's Way to Transform Your Dog . . . and Your Life

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