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I wish I would have seen this thread two nights ago.

I was on a Smith and Wesson forum when I click on a thread. As soon as the thread open, a PDF file tried to open but it just closed it self down. The file was called "big dog" or something to that effect. Then that’s when the "s" went down hill. I closed firefox (because I was going to bed) and then an anti virus program (which I never seen nor installed) started up and ran. I clicked stop on the program because I knew that my computer has now gotten a virus. I looked and saw the files that had the virus (I kind of know my way around a computer) but when I tried to delete the files, a pop up came up and said that it was being used by another program and can not be deleted, and then the anti virus started up again. At that point I just took a deep breath and forced my computer to shut down knowing that I may not be able to get it back working again. I started it back up hoping to put it in safe mode and work on the computer from there but the computer wouldn't start up claiming that it was missing a file (dil I believe). So I had to start fresh, dump my hard drive and do a real delete of my hard drive (meaning that even the files that I deleted was gone for good and not "hidden") and started back again. Sigh, I'm going to have a fun time putting all my stuff back onto this computer.....

This is the 2nd time that I had ever gotten a virus. And no, my 1st time wasn’t surfing porn.
You didn't get a virus you got a scareware program. It is a fake virus scanner they says "hey you got viruses, send us money"... its a scam and fairly easy to remove without damage.

Really it is a good idea to run some sort of firewall. There are so many free ones out there (good ones) and they don't take up a lot of resources. I liked zone alarm before they where taken over by checkpoint. The best free firewall I believe is still "tiny personal firewall".