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Thread: Question about Trucks

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    Quote Originally Posted by tangoseal View Post
    Dodge 2500 here.. But if I could do it again I would get a 90's era dodge diesel and take it to ATS diesel in Aurora CO and get twins and all kinda goodies and still spend less than a used 2004++ model.
    I would second that. A dodge truck with a built cummins engine is a beast
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    I'm on my second Dodge Ram 1500. First one was a 1998, 361ci engine. Put 190,000 miles on it. Traded it because I wanted to, not because I had to. No major problems.

    Currently, '04 Ram. 5.7L Hemi. Just turned 100,000 miles. No problems other than normal wear and tear. Quiet, great acceleration, great for towing. Gas mileage pretty much sucks - average of about 14mpg. I'd buy another Ram in a heartbeat. This is based on first hand experience, not hearsay or gut feeling or third party experience.. I don't have any particular loyalty other than value. Chrysler and GM took the bailout funds. Ford didn't. So what? Toyota is a "foreign" brand. So what? Give me value for my dollar and you get my business. I've also owned a couple of Ford pickups. I was not too impressed with the support from the dealer or the manufacturer. I have not owned a GM build truck. But I have had experience with the manufacturer's warranty on a car. I won't own another GM product because of that.

    All in all, bang for the buck, it's my considered opinion that the Dodge Rams are a darned good bet.
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    Do your resurch but the best selling (used) vehicle (car, truck, SUV) is Ford F series pick up, check comsumer reports, you cant go wrong. I have a 99 F150 4x4 and it still runs great.
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    Forget all those and go with the Chevy Silverado. Is there a certain reason it's not on your list. To me the Nissan and Toyota are the last trucks that I would consider driving. Chevy has the best gas mileage and power combination, as well as warranty and it looks very classy. Just to be fair, I don't drive one, I actually drive a Jeep.
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    I am on my second Dodge Ram...This one is an 04 Dodge HEMI, Reg Cab...It has never let me down...Runs like a scalded bandit...I say drive em all for an extended period...Go with the one that feels best on the seat of your pants!!!! JMO
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    I'm with claybreaker...Chevy has great trucks. I know countless people w/ the old 350 still running after countless miles (+200k). Chevy generally has better gas mileage, and has for a long time.

    I haven't had experience w/ new Dodges, but the old ones had a great powertrain, but that is where it ended. Ford's ride was bad, but I haven't been able to drive new ones which I hear are better. I hear good about the tundras, but have no personal experience there.
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    There is something about firing 4,200 thirty millimeter rounds/min that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by svgheartland View Post
    I've been a Ford guy for a long time. My loyalty is not so strong anymore. They've always made rock solid trucks until they started redesigning diesel engines. The 6.0 is a nightmare and I own 2 of them. You're right for considering all. Good luck.
    I have owned quite a few pu's in my life (72 years). I purchased a new 2004 F350 4x4 diesel 6.0. What a mistake. I have a friend who is a diesel mechanic and he would not even work on it.
    I have had 5 Chevy/GMC trucks. Now driving a 2008 GMC C2500 4x4 gas.
    Luv this truck!! I will not buy a non USA truck.
    It may be built in America but it is a Jap company.
    As for Dodge they have a live front axle that turns all the time, Ford cannot come close as far as comfort goes.
    Go with what floats your boat.
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    From your list it would be the ford, but I would take a Chevy.
    Had a 2000 F-150 that melted, had a few yota's, some Z-71's, currently drive a Chevy 3500 with a Duramax and Allison.
    Your on the right path( trading up to a truck) just don't screw up and get an import

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    Myself and my family has owned a few Toyota vehicles over the last few years. Toyota's quality has really gone from what it used to be, especially for the price you pay. They want you to still pay for the name they used to have back when their vehicles were quality. Now you pay for the name and all of their little shortcuts. I had a 2005 Toyota Tundra X-SP. Pretty decent overall, but it was no powerhouse when it came to working. A/C really sucked too. Couldn't keep the cab cool on a hot day. Beautiful truck though.

    I like my Chevy trucks. I've owned a couple, and know many others that have owned them. Very dependable, always ready to work, and currently have pretty good warranty compared to Toyota.
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    For me FORD.

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    I have driven these

    2008 Toyota Tacoma (didnt like it, Tejas edition too)
    2001 Ford F150 Supercrew 4x4 (I own, love it 5.4 liter triton V8)
    09 Chevy Regency (The big one lifted n the whole package)

    I personally love my ford pickup, I have hit things, pulled things pushed things, anything and everything and it runs like a bat out of hell when I floor it. Leave back tires bald and has tons of grunt. (dont ever use the 4x4 much but you never know)
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    I wouldn't buy an Obama mobile, either.

    The Japanese trucks are nice, but over-priced.

    That only leaves one on your list :)

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    I have a couple of really great trucks. One is a Dodge 3500 1-ton dually with the Cummins Diesel. Bullet proof engine, strong as an ox. Will pull or carry any load.

    The other I just got...Ford Raptor. This one is a blast & it will go ANYWHERE!
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    Well, Chevy is not on the list only because I didn’t even think about that model…’s now on the list. I plan on driving them all, that’s going to be the fun part
    It probably won’t be till next year but I figure I got some excellent info and advice from here before I may as well get some more!!
    What is a live front axle? May someone explain that to me? Lastly what the heck is an Obama mobile?

    Thanks guys!!!!

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